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There’s something about volunteering that makes us feel more alive. By learning about people and places that are different than yourself, you help those in need. Broaden your mind and open your eyes to see the world in a new way. Use your time to give back to your neighborhood. There are countless volunteer opportunities to choose from, with groups dedicated to kids, health, education, spirituality, nature, community, and so many more. Here are a few volunteer opportunities to help get your wheels turning on finding what cause speaks to you.

International Rescue Committee (IRC) 

This year refugees have been making the headlines more than they have in the past. With President Trump’s travel ban and the protests and debates that have happened as a result, people are beginning to take a deeper look at who their refugee neighbors are and what the process of admission looks like in our country. For those who want to get further involved in helping refugees thrive in America, consider looking at opportunities to volunteer with IRC to start making an impact on the lives of refugees in your backyard.

NAMI San Diego 

NAMI, or the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the community’s leading voice on mental health, providing support, education, and advocacy. They are looking for volunteers to visit high schools and share their journey with mental illnesses. It’s incredible how far a word of encouragement can go to someone who feels completely alone. If you have a background with a mental illness, and remember the process of looking for help, consider sharing your experience with a young person looking for hope. 

Traveling Stories

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The main mission of this organization is to help kids fall in love with reading by the time they reach 4th grade. Traveling Stories understands the important roles that education and literacy have on a child’s future. They emphasize the joy of reading, offer financial rewards for reading, and involve communities and families in the process. They desire to “outsmart poverty one book at a time,” and you can help them. Become a volunteer in your neighborhood, and help bring literacy to the children who need it.

Kitchens For Good 

It’s not a secret that we waste excessive food in America, yet still have an abundance of people who remain hungry. At Kitchens For Good, the founders started to think of a new way to help utilize surplus food from wholesalers and farmers to help those in poverty. Today their students prepare over 1500 meals for seniors and children who are suffering from hunger in the San Diego county, while providing workforce training to its difficult-to-employee students. As they gain training and build their resume, they find better opportunities for long-term employment. Take part in meaningful conversations while working alongside these students during their weekly volunteer opportunities. No prior kitchen experience is required! 

We hope this helps get you excited for joining a volunteer opportunity in your neighborhood!

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