San Diego Seduction battle this Friday

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What could be better then two teams pitted against each other in the glory of battle on the gridiron? Eleven members on each side playing a timeless game in American tradition and a pigskin is the glue that holds them together. Except this game is different, rather than bulky, sweating men beating each other into submission, the players are tall, skinny, gorgeous women dressed in lingerie. That’s right folks, women in lingerie playing hard tough nose football in San Diego.

The San Diego Seduction, an LFL team, are set to play against the Seattle Mist this Friday at the San Diego Sports Arena. The team consists of 20 girls who are all equally gorgeous, but their beauty does not begin to show their tough-nosed style of football. Do not let the fact that they are women and dressed in lingerie form your opinion on the style of play that you would expect to see. They are not going to run around on tippy toes, screaming and complaining about broken nails and bruises. Nay, these women play full contact, nose to the grindstone football. Playing a hundred percent they leave nothing behind. Slamming into other girls, pushing and fighting they are devoted to proving that they are serious and the lingerie is only an added plus to the game.

The LFL started as a Pay-Per-View event in the 2004 SuperBowl halftime show, in time the phenomena grew into a loving tradition, and now even a season for 20 of the official LFL teams.

San Diego Seduction is one of the inaugural teams of the LFL, and let me tell you they are here to make some noise. They look to represent the city of San Diego with their beauty and their physical play against the Seattle Mist.  Christie Burns, Tiffany Morgan, Emma Kurowski, Margaret Hipwell, Jennifer Bock, Marija Jovanovic, Jennilyn Dejesus, Rachel Carroccio, Julie Galindo, Meghan Sanchez, and many others are going to bring it to Seattle.

If you are in the mood to see some beautiful women from San Diego’s very own LFL team, then buy the ticket and go to the event. They will put on a show for you guaranteed, and they will make you forget that they are in lingerie and are there to play. So San Diego go support your local team and give them the support they need.

Also on a side note we are trying to contact the LFL to get two free tickets to the January 8th game against Denver to raffle off. So stay tuned for more information on that and tell all your friends.

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