San Diego PR Companies Empowering Women in the Workforce

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There are countless strong, capable women in the workforce; and all-women companies are taking San Diego by storm. It’s important that women support each other, and these companies demonstrate how to empower women in the workforce.

Delicious Buzz is a prime example of a positive female-centric workforce that allows everyone to use their strengths to create a fun environment. The creator of this brand is the bubbly Tiffany Melone. This creative firm is located in Encinitas, and is changing the way that Public Relations is viewed. Tiffany says, “We offer more of a comprehensive services, we do much more than just PR. We do a lot of social media, and events for our clients. We do full scale event productions and we offer something extra, because our clients are family.” This firm does a little bit of everything, as well as goes all out for their clients and the events they put on.

Courtesy of “Delicious Buzz”

The name Delicious Buzz came from a the idea that it had to connect with millennials and be fun. Tiffany says, “Since media is changing, we want our company to be more millennial. We wanted something fun and we pulled all our people together and ‘buzz’ kept coming up, and it was delicious.” Tiffany explains how women make up half of the workforce, and that there are a lot of “badass women out there”. Tiffany states, “We are not opposed to working with men, women in general are communicators and every business needs that.” This company creates an environment that allows women to use their creativity, and allows clients be amazed that this group went above and beyond for them and their product. “We can be someone’s voice; women in numbers can make things happen because everyone has different skill sets.” Delicious Buzz creates unique ideas and proves this to their clients, with their actions.

Chic Execs is another perfect example of a business focusing on women empowerment. This boutique branding firm helps entrepreneurs reach their goals of attaining success. The firm started out as “ChicBuds” 13 years ago with Kailynn Bowling and Nikki Carlson. These two women started their firm in their very own living room, with the determination to help other entrepreneurs. As their company grew, they continued to give credit for their success to God, as their products in the begging all had Proverbs 29:12 on them. They give back to Compassion International and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Photo Courtesy of “Chic Execs

The name Chic Execs was then born as a result of the firm growing, and showing that they built this company form the ground up. This shows women who are struggling in the work force, that you can create anything you want, and be successful if you have determination. Nikki and Kailyn agree that the PR industry mostly attracts women employees, and they have an extremely close knit and supportive team.

They encourage collaboration and show that hard work truly does pay off. Nikki and Kailyn say, “We believe men and women should all work with excellence using the gifts they have been given. We work with all types of clients from grill cleaners to beauty items. If you’ve seen it on Shark Tank, it’s highly likely that we work with them! We love working with such creative entrepreneurs.” Chic Execs specializes in PR, Social Media, and Retail Store placement, allowing clients to get the full package. Nikki and Kailyn say, “we make sure press features are monetized for the greatest impact and growth strategy. We love watching a brand grow from a napkin idea to a household name.”

Courtesy of “Olive Creative Strategies”

Another empowering public relations firm, Olive PR Solutions, was created by the inspiring Jennifer Borba Von Stauffenberg. Jennifer says, “Olive is my dog’s name and we are announcing our new name: Olive Creative Strategies. We have decided the marketing landscape continues to evolve and we want to remove the boundaries on how we creatively amplify our clients’ stories. While we really believe media relations and social media are powerful, it’s never a one-size-fits-all approach at Olive and shouldn’t be anywhere else.” This cute boutique firm is located in downtown San Diego, and has a staff of fearless women. Jennifer states that she would hire a man if he was the most qualified for the position, but each time they hire, there is an overflow of incredible ladies that would love to work at this close knit firm.

Jennifer states, “We are supportive of each other. Our team really lives and breathes an understanding that if we support one another, we can accomplish powerful things.” Jennifer defines success as happiness, which is most likely why her firm is so successful, and attains some of the most talented ladies in San Diego. Team work is relevant here, and these women not only support each other, but support their clients as well.

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