Protecting Your Personal Data

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Living in the digital age has brought along with it tremendous advancements in computing and technology. We are capable of an incredible things with the devices at our disposal, and have limitless opportunities to increase our knowledge and productivity. However, with such capability comes with it a grim outlook on the security of our personal data. While technology can be used for such good in the world, it can also unfortunately be used for such evil. Now more than ever, keeping your personal data safe is something everything should know how to do, so here are some of the best ways to do so.

If you’re the kind of person to have the same password for every single login, then you’ll want to get out of this habit ASAP. Though it’s convenient when it comes to only having to remember one password, if you’re hacked, the first thing criminals will do is try it on any others accounts you may have. See the dilemma of that? Getting hacked once and losing access to all of your accounts would be devastating, and quite the headache to fix. Passwords should be a complex string of letters, numbers, and symbols to best protect your data. Like me, I don’t want to have memorize every single new password, so I use the app 1Password on my iPhone. 1Password allows me to save all my of my passwords in one highly secured app, so I never lose track of my login info, and my data stays perfectly safe. Lately, some sites give you the option of requiring two-factor authentication, which requires you to put in your password, as well as a code that is emailed or texted to you. I recommend using this for more sensitive information, including financials and insurance.

Does your computer prompt you for software updates frequently, but when you see them, you click the postpone button for some other time? Well, those updates are pushed to your computer for a reason, and play a huge role in patching security issues in your software. Exploiting outdated software is the number one avoidable causes of hacking, and all it takes is for you to allow these updates to install. If you don’t have time to install it in that instant, you can always schedule for it to be installed at a later time.

Having a solid antivirus software is also crucial, with BitDefender Antivirus Plus being a solid option for all computer users. With an annual fee of $39.99, it is known to be an exceptionally comprehensive antivirus program that excels at keeping your computer safe. No more worrying about saving sensitive data on your computer, as this software will lock down private data, and keep it far out of reach from hackers.

Finally, you should always be skeptical of anyone asking for your data, even if it is a friend. Hackers are known to create false social media accounts, and post as someone you may know in order to get you to send them private information. Always confirm identities, and NEVER give private information a stranger asking for it, no matter how credible they seem. Don’t fall victim to such a simple scam, just stay vigilant.

By taking these key actions, and being smart with your personal information, you can maintain a safe and comfortable experience.

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