The Patch at Torrey Pines High School: Good Enough for NFL Players

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Two-time Super Bowl winner and New York Giants defensive end, Justin Tuck spends his summers preparing for football season at the Patch in Torrey Pines. He was enticed to work at the gym by other players that “coaxed” him to get out there and said the years he used the park were some of his best. NFL players such as former New England Patriots John Lynch and Junior Seau, as well as former Padres Trevor Hoffman, Dave Roberts, and Mike Sweeney also trained at Torrey Pines, giving it a respectable name in the athletic community. It is not uncommon to find a professional athlete training at the Patch. Its reputation and the ability to work directly next to professionals is an excellent motivator for users of the Patch.

Getting the Most Out of Your Body

Inspired by the United States Military and developed by Pete Egoscue, the Patch incorporates the Esgocue Method of pain relief and self-healing into an exhilarating workout. The Patch uses activities and exercises that force proper alignment, posture and muscle engagement which is highly beneficial. For example, football players are constantly using different body positions on the field, so this is a very helpful feature for them. According to John Tuck, his last year without visiting the Patch was one of his most injury-prone years.

Preparation for Your Next Challenge

The Patch also incorporates strength, cardio, agility and endurance into one grueling challenge, creating an intense workout routine for any athlete. It offers pull-up bars and areas to practice vaulting, as well as structures for less-common exercises such as step-unders and overs, bear crawls, crab walks, and duck walks. It is great for circuit workouts and anyone preparing for marathons, Tough Mudder, Ninja Warrior, or any other intense competition. Be aware, the Patch has no access to public restrooms or a water supply so it is important that you bring adequate alternatives for refreshments by preparing ahead.

The Patch in Torrey Pines is a great outdoor training facility for athletes of any age. From high school football players to the NFL, it is an outstanding facility to work and train your body. Incorporating self-healing techniques as well as a rigid workout routine, it creates long-lasting results that help you conquer any challenge or goal. At the Patch, you will learn to train like the pros, and develop a workout that could turn you into one of the legends. 

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