Lose Holiday Weight at the San Diego Sporting Club

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sportingclubdIf you decided to get healthier and fitter for their New Year’s Resolution, you’re not alone. We’re sure that thousands of residents of this fine city have chosen to shape up their bodies in preparation for the new year, and the future summer season. After all, there’s no better time to get in shape than now. Luckily the San Diego Sporting Club has everything you could ever need to get healthy and happy; they even have a spa!

Located on University Center Lane in San Diego, this gym has everything you need to keep your body in harmony with your mind and spirit, ensuring that you’re the best you can be…as long as you put the effort in, of course. With unique fitness programs, qualified trainers and staff, state-of-the-art equipment, a day spa, and special activities for members, you won’t regret your decision to join up with this gym.

If you like fitness programs, the Sporting Club offers a wide selection of activities, including group classes. Signing up for a class is asportingclubc great way to keep to a routine because it will make you feel more accountable if you decide to skip out on a session. Available are Core Conditioning, Specialty Classes (like Salsa, Ballet Core, and Hip Hop), Spin, Strength and Agility, and Yoga. If you need training, there are Cardio/Strength, Fitness Assessment so you know exactly where you are prior to starting a routine, Gravity, and Personal Training. Pilates is always a popular fitness program and can really help train you build up your core strength, reshaping your body from the inside out.

Of course, one of the most popular exercise choices is to play some sports because having fun takes your mind off the fact that you’re actually working out. Found at the Sporting Club is a junior Olympic swimming pool, which is heated year round and has three lap lanes (two in the summer months) and an open swim area. The gym offers Masters Swim or Aqua Aerobics, or you can always sign up for private lessons – available for adults and kids. If basketball is more your thing, the Club has four basketball leagues that have ranging skill levels. There’s the men’s B level (average), A level (best competition), C level (no rating), and the women’s league. You can also rent the Annex if you’re planning on hosting a major event like a basketball tournament for your company.

sportingclubbWhether you’re a tennis pro or not doesn’t matter because there’s always something for you to do on the Club’s two outdoor courts. Reservations can be made seven days in advance for a maximum of two hours a day. If you’ve always wanted to learn you can sign up for group or private lessons for adults and kids.

Let’s talk amenities because that’s the topic that usually sways people. The Sporting Club takes comfort seriously and offers a day spa, cafe, child care, sports medicine, and top notch locker rooms. The spa helps you to unwind after a nice workout, allowing you to relax and rejuvenate your mind and body before heading back into the real world. The spa offers skin care therapy, waxing, massages, body therapy, and many neat packages. The cafe gives you a great place to hang out with some gym buddies while enjoying some healthy meals and drinks. With an array of fresh and organic products, like sandwiches and smoothies, you can rest easy knowing that you’re snacking on convenient foods that don’t sacrifice nutrition.


It can be tough to commit to a workout schedule, especially if you have young children, but thanks to the Club’s childcare services you don’t have to worry about it. You can take your toddler with you and drop the little monsters off at the Club’s facilities, which is open to ages three months to 10 years, where they will be watched over by an experienced staff.

From relaxing facials to fancy equipment, the San Diego Sporting Club really has everything you could ever need from a gym. They definitely make it difficult to excuse your way out of exercising so you better start thinking up some new excuses!

For more information visit the San Diego Sporting Club. Or watch their appearance on Entertainer & Lifestyles TV below:

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