Surfrider Foundation says new oil legislation ‘Not the Answer!’

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The Surfrider Foundation (SF) will be holding a meeting today, March 3rd, to help raise awareness regarding recently expired Federal and Executive moratoriums which ran out in 2008.  The now defunct moratoriums had prohibited new drilling platforms from being erected, however, with the recession still putting a big hurt on most state and federal budgets, decision makers at both levels are looking for ways to capitalize on the expired ban stated SF in this fact sheet.

The meeting is an ongoing effort by the SF in hopes of educating the public regarding the environment, a core principle of the foundation since its founding.  To date, the grassroots organization has been very successful  to that end.  How successful you may ask?  The SF has:

  • Won the second largest Clean Water Act suit in American history in 1991.
  • Got the Orange County Sanitation District in California to agree to drop their Clean Water Action Section 301(h) waiver and stopped the discharge of 240 million gallons per day of partially treated sewage.
  • Educated thousands of school children on beach safety, coastal pollution and beach ecology.
  • Won the national ‘Renew America’ Award, for their nationwide efforts to clean-up the coasts.
  • Gained approval of the federal BEACH Act in 2000 to require a uniform national water quality monitoring, reporting, and beach posting program.

The list goes triumphantly on.

And so, today the road show kicks off in Encinitas.  SF in cooperation with Environment California will be spreading the word hoping to solidify the seriousness of the issue among San Diegans and Californians alike.

The groups certainly have done their homework too.  From pointing out the futility of new oil platforms, which may be raised within 3 miles of our coastline, to identifying key proponents such as Charles S. DeVore who is mainly responsible for the proposed drilling legislation and tax prepayment plan as a way to solve California’s budget crisis, the groups have shown through careful research why this is “Not the Answer!”

HURRICANE DENNIS (FOR RELEASE)In all seriousness, the proposed legislation seems more like a quick fix than an actual solution.  Especially when weighed against the potential hazards to marine life via seismic surveys which are harmful and potentially fatal to life in the sea.  Not to mention the ever present danger of oil spills which can have huge detrimental effects on entire ecosystems and can take years to clean up.

The meeting will take place today March 3, 2010 from 7-8 pm at the Encinitas Community/Senior Center located at 1140 Oakcrest Park Drive in Encinitas.  Help support your beaches, environment, and state’s ecological future by stopping by to help keep those oil rigs off of our horizon.

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