Oscar Party must-haves and Predictions

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Photo from 'navjagpal' via Flickr

Photo from 'navjagpal' via Flickr

The 82nd Annual Academy Awards is this Sunday, March 7th, 2010. Will you be throwing an Oscar party for your friends and family?

Event Producer Cheryl Cecchetto provides helpful tips on how to host your own fabulous Oscar party that is sure to keep you and your guests entertained all night.

Cheryl Cecchetto is producer of the famous Governors Ball—the big celebration that immediately follows the Academy Awards—so you can count on her advice because this event planner knows how to throw a party!

Cheryl Cecchetto’s 10 Oscar Party Must-Haves:

  1. When you invite your guests, encourage them to watch as many Oscar nominated films as possible. If your guests “do their homework,” everyone will have a lot to talk about during your viewing party, adding excitement and perhaps fun debate over which film deserves the Oscar more.
  2. Ask your guests to arrive one hour before the awards show begins. There will be plenty of games, food, cocktails, and of course, socializing to be had!
  3. Set the mood by playing the soundtrack of the nominated films.
  4. As Cecchetto says, “you must have champagne, champagne, and more champagne!” This will boost the elegance of your party and will add more fun as you toast to the winners. For a non-alcoholic toast: mix pomegranate juice and soda water, then garnish with a mint sprig.
  5. The Oscar Ballot Game! Download and print out Oscar ballots beforehand. Then have your guests fill out the ballots before the show begins. The guest that has the most correct answers at the end of the show wins! Be creative with a prize. Cecchetto suggests Robert Osborne’s book “80 Years of the Oscars”.
  6. Delicious food at an Oscar Party is a must have! Rather than a large entrée, serve small bites throughout the entire evening. Cecchetto suggests recipes by Wolfgang Puck, the Master Chef of the Governor’s Ball, such as vegetable spring rolls with Chinese mustard and smoked salmon blinis. By serving new tasty appetizers as the night progresses, you’ll keep your guests delighted and surprised! You can also be as creative as you’d like with your own recipes, or you can ask guests to bring different appetizers.
  7. Create a classy atmosphere with flowers and candles. At this year’s Governor’s Ball, there will be cold water roses, mini calla lilies and orchids in a combination of purples. Craft your own floral setting in the colors of your choice to make your party beautiful.
  8. Boost your celebration with “tabletop glitz and glamour,” as Cecchetto puts it. Head over to your local fabric store and pick out a fabric that sparkles to use as a tablecloth. Any glassware, china or cutlery you put out will look fabulous against your glitzy fabric.
  9. Who doesn’t like party favors? Provide your guests with a fun parting gift surprise. The more Oscar-themed, the better! Cecchetto recommends giving each guest an Oscar poster, which can be ordered here.
  10. And last but certainly not least, you will need the Oscar Party kit. Here you can find your party invitations, your ballots, game suggestions, cocktail recipes, more Wolfgang Puck recipes, and more!

Things to keep in mind before you play the Oscar Ballot Game

Before you pick your nomination for who you think will win, you may want to keep in mind the predictions made by After analyzing the key races, Oscar Frenzy predicts the fight for Best Picture will come down to Avatar vs. The Hurt Locker. The Hurt Locker, directed by  Kathryn Bigelow, has won the PGA, DGA, and BAFTA. Avatar, on the other hand, was the highest grossing movie of all time that everyone seemed to love.

Oscar Frenzy leans towards The Hurt Locker for the win, but their prediction isn’t very settled when they remind us that the film that made $12 million at the box office is going up against the film that made more than $70 million in just its opening weekend.

The prediction for Best Cinematography also comes down to The Hurt Locker vs. Avatar.  Because Avatar scored an art direction nomination, Oscar Frenzy predicts Avatar will take the win on this category.

And surprise, surprise, the battle for Best Editing seems to be between the same two contenders.

Other popular online predictions reveal that Jeff Bridges “Crazy Heart” will win Best Actor and Sandra Bullock “The Blind Side” will win Best Actress.

But remember, these are just predictions made by other people. Watch the nominated films for yourself and let your own opinion guide you in your quest to win the Oscar ballot game.

As you plan your very own Oscar Party, keep in mind Cheryl Cecchetto’s “10 Must-haves” and you and your guests are sure to have a fabulous night. And of course, don’t forget to watch the nominated movies. Cheers, San Diego!


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