North Park to put on Small Business Saturday and Networking Event

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Believe it or not, Black Friday weekend is fast approaching on November 25. Of course, you can expect to see large crowds to show up in every direction if the word ‘sale’ is mentioned.

But if you want to get away from that environment for a short time, then you may want to attend North Park’s Small Business Saturday Event, which begins on November 26. In addition to browsing many of the up-and-coming shops in the area, shoppers will get to enjoy live music, discounts and free treats.

If you’re looking to establish business rapport with other partners, then look no further than this event.

In addition to the wide variety of activities to participate in and connections to make, Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Councilman Todd Gloria will be in attendance to give speeches that honor and recognize the vibrant business community of North Park.

mimi-and-redOne of the many rising shops in the area is Mimi & Red, which first opened its doors in 2007. The boutique offers an assortment of fashionable apparel that ranges from casual jewelry to sunglasses and outerwear.

Another refreshing element of the community offers customers the luxury of choosing from one of the variety of different stores North Park has to offer. Many of the shops are locally owned and differ from the large shopping malls that are inhabited by larger conglomerates. This casual setting is the perfect escape on any shopping ‘holiday’, but especially Black Friday.

But the best part about the upbeat culture, restaurants, and stores of North Park is its affordability and its lucrative deals for the customers they support.

pigmentPigment, a laid-back but carefully cultivated home goods store, will be offering $25 gift cards for purchases that exceed $75—a steal for its most avid and new customers.

The open event will have fun for the whole family to enjoy, not just small business owners. Prior to the networking feature, patrons can partake in a scavenger hunt with the chance to win a $200 gift card to select North Park stores.

All of the shops and stores at the event can be found on their website. Or check out their Facebook event for more information.

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