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The season of fall is upon us, which means that it’s time for a change with the movies and shows available on Netflix. Even though Netflix may be getting rid of some of your favorite shows, it’s time to welcome a whole new realm of movies and TV shows to your world.

A movie that will be joining the Netflix family is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This unique tale tells the story of Charlie Bucket who wins a contest to tour the mystical candy factory near their house. Willy Wonka, played by Johnny Depp, portrays the curious candy maker as an exotic and mystical man. This remake shows the infamous story and portrays the lesson of learning someone’s true character traits.

Continue the magic with A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song. This modern Cinderella story follows a girl Katie who is a talented and beautiful teenager with a stellar voice. She does what ever is asked of her by her stepmother and awkward step sister. Her step sister is pursuing to becoming a singer, when it is discovered that her sister Katie is the one with the voice. This movie tells the story of a girl who fights to keep her talent, while also finding hope in love again.

Another story that shares the message of loving yourself is Penelope. Penelope was born a little differently, with a snout of a pig instead of a humans. Cursed as a baby, the only way to break the spell is to find someone who is in love with her. She faces rejection and struggles to find hope that she’ll ever be considered normal. Through complications and what seems to be a suitable man, Penelope fights to find love and save her confidence.

 Inspire yourself with the story of Tommy Boy. This film follows a boy named Tommy Callahan who recently lost his father, and he is devastated. His stepmother wants to sell the automobile parts company, but Tommy is determined to keep his father’s dream and legacy alive. Follow Tommy as he hits the road to find new clients and save his father’s company.

Netflix is becoming known for its amazing original content, and there is an absurd amount of content being released in October. On Friday the 13th, the movie The Babysitter (Netflix Original Film) will be released. Starring well known actors Bella Thorne and Robbie Amell, this film follows around, you guessed it, a babysitter. This horror film tells the story of a child named Cole, who discovers his babysitter is a part of a cult that worships the dead, and he is being threatened to keep her secret. Be a part of the heart racing adventure as Cole fights to save his life.

Another original Netflix production coming out is One of Us (Netflix Original). This documentary follows around Ultra-Orthodox Jews who decide to leave behind that life, and to enter into the unknown world that they’ve never been a part of. Watch as they experience the hardships that come with leaving behind everything you’ve ever known, including loss of family and love. This movie will pull at your heart strings as you watch these former orthodox Jews struggle to fit in and find peace.

Continue your Stranger Things journey with Stranger Things 2 (Netflix Original). This season will follow the children of the first season, as they continue to discover what is happening in their small town. Be a part of the mystery and confusing as the children are back and ready to fight. Enjoy your favorite show as it enters into the next season, and get ready for all of the twists and turns that are in store for you, and the characters.

Enjoy your October nights and fill them with cozy blankets, baked cookies, and your favorite Netflix shows.  

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