Mother Goose Parade coming to El Cajon Nov. 20th

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If you’re in the mood for trying out a carefree event that is isolated from all of the clamor in downtown San Diego prior to Thanksgiving, then we may have the perfect recommendation for you.

On November 20, the largest parade in San Diego County and the largest of its type west of the Mississippi will commence at 1:00 p.m. This year’s celebration will mark the 70th annual Mother Goose Parade, which aims to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday and promote educational initiatives for children.

El Cajon is a little off the beaten path for city-goers, but the city of El Cajon is a growing, diverse community with a rich history. The Mother Goose Parade also has a long history.

Check out this video from the parade in 1968 for a look back.

And how things have changed! This video is from 2014:

The parade sees an estimated 250,000 attendees. It was first founded in 1947 by Thomas Wigton Jr. along with a collection of other El Cajon businessmen because El Cajon didn’t have a parade. Today, it has grown to support the mission to provide quality scholarships to higher education schools through excess funds from the parade, which operates entirely for non-profit purposes. Its programs include: arts and culture, educational and personal growth, health and wellness, and community enhancement.

This year’s Mother Goose parade brings much-welcomed nuance to the scene. On Sunday, Mark Grant, who is perhaps most-known for his three year contribution as a San Diego Padres pitcher, will be appearing for his first time as Grand Marshal of the celebration. This comes as a change from the past Grand Marshals, including Mickey and Minnie Mouse, who made an appearance in 1973.

While Christmas is still over a month away, children will be thrilled to see a Santa Claus float at the end of the parade—signaling the beginnings of the Christmas season.

The Mother Goose Parade has its fair share of floats. There are not only professional rigs, but event organizers encourage its attendees to participate with their own makeshift floats as well. The parade also includes clowns and jesters, large marching bands, and equestrians.

For more information on this jubilant event, plus route maps and information, you can check out their website.

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