CBD: Gummies vs. Tincture

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With CBD exploding in popularity, there is a seemingly endless variety of products to choose from. For a first-time buyer, this can be quite overwhelming. Two of the most popular forms of CBD are gummies and tincture oil, so let’s see which is the right choice for you. 

The first thing you need to take into consideration is the bioavailability of the product. This involves how quickly your body can absorb a substance so it can experience the benefits of it. Taking into account the bioavailability of gummies and tincture is an important aspect to keep in mind when making your decision. 

Speed of effects 

Most people use CBD to achieve relief from pain, anxiety, and inflammation. Knowing this, the quicker it begins the work, the more effective the product is. Tinctures are the winner when it comes to speed of relief, thanks to it having a higher bioavailability. When consuming a dose of the tincture, placing it under your tongue fast tracks it to your bloodstream, providing speedier relief. 

On the other hand, gummies provide delayed effects due to them being metabolized slower than tinctures. Since the CBD must pass through your digestive system then broken down by your liver, a portion of it lost before it enters your bloodstream. 

Serving size 

Your CBD products will have the strength of the product on the outside of the package or bottle, making it easy to see how much you are ingesting. However, depending on how you use a dropper for tincture, it can sometimes be a pain in administering the correct dose. Gummies are much easier to gauge how much CBD you are ingesting, as each piece contains a specified amount. Just be mindful about not going overboard with eating gummies as they can be quite delicious. 


Tinctures often come in flavors like mint, orange, tropical, or lemon. For the most part, they taste fairly good, though you can also get unflavored versions if you’re adding it to coffee or smoothies. Of course, gummies are going to be the champ when it comes to taste, being offered in a variety of fruity and tart flavors. 

Bottom line 

When it comes down to it, tinctures and gummies are both excellent choices for CBD. If you’re seeking out immediate relief, tinctures might be your go-to. Otherwise, popping a few CBD gummies every day is an easy way to incorporate it into your daily routine. 

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