Make your retirement less taxable: Financial advice from Steve Sexton & Jack Keeter

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steve sexton“Winning In Life” is a radio show hosted every week by top financial expert Steve Sexton. Steve is the President of Sexton Advisory Group and works with charities here in San Diego. He provides his listeners with the most beneficial advice in all areas of financial planning. Additionally, Steve also invites guest speakers to the show to discuss a variety of life topics ranging from health and charity to travel tips and much more. The show is designed to give its listeners all of the best advice possible to “win in life.” Tune in every Sunday morning at 9:00 on KCBQ 1170 AM for Winning In Life Radio.

This week, Steve Sexton welcomed a very special guest to the show: 2003 Senior Market Advisor Magazine Hall of Famer, Jack Keeter. Keeter explained the importance of protecting your IRA from the IRS by eliminating retirement taxes and creating the most income possible for you and your loved ones. In this very informative episode, Sexton and Keeter discussed helpful strategies to take out retirement money in a tax-vantage manner in order to prevent money from “falling through the cracks.”

One of the many critical topics discussed was IRA distribution. Keeter broke down retirement planning into three areas: the income side, the investment side, and the estate planning side. He said that retirement distribution is a new discipline and many people don’t have the resources to understand how to properly plan for all three areas.

Another important point that Keeter mentioned is an interesting relationship between fines and taxes. He said that “a fine is a tax for doing something wrong and a tax is a fine for doing well.” Therefore if you’re doing well, you’ve already paid enough taxes and must protect yourself from them in retirement. He talks more in depth about the different important documents to have for protecting you and your loved ones such as the beneficiary check list. For those who are interested in such documents, Sexton advises you to contact him at Sexton Advisory Group.

Don’t miss out on all of Jack Ketter’s expert advice; listen to the entire show here:

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