Live a Healthy Life with a Vegan Diet

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There are many different life styles and ways to get in shape and stay healthy. Being a vegan has become something that people are partaking in for a numerous amount of reasons. Research shows that people who do not consume meat have lower BMI’s and tend to be healthier.

Riley Everett has been vegan now for a year and says, “Being vegan has given me the tools to be healthier. I always had struggles with eating healthy and knowing what to eat, and since becoming vegan I’ve lost 10 pounds and feel stronger inside and out.” Being vegan can help promote a healthier life style, because you’ll eat less saturated fats which will lower your risk of health issues in the future. Other benefits of being vegan, is that vegans tend to a higher fiber diet, meaning that your body will feel cleansed and you will feel stronger.

Being vegan and cutting out cheese and meats can also help with many health issues that so many Americans are afraid of. You can avoid high blood pressure, heart disease, and numerous types of cancers. In the new documentary, What the Health, viewers are shown as to how poisonous it can be to consume meat and farm products. Although being vegan may not be for everyone, consuming less meat definitely has its benefits. In the documentary viewers are shown how certain health companies are not honest about the risks that come with eating their meat products.

It’s important that if you do choose to become a vegan and live that life style, that you are educated on how to properly keep your health in check. First decided what is making you want to be a part of this life style. There are different benefits that could draw anyone to the vegan life style, such as concern for animals and the environment. You will be helping the environment and lowering your chances of getting E-coli and your hormone consumption will be kept under control. When you eat animal meat, you are putting hormones into your body. When animals are on a farm, they are fed hormones to speed up their growth so that they can be produced sooner. These hormones are very dangerous simply because they are not natural and are used on a daily basis in the meet industry.

Of course, this diet is not something that everyone wants to do, but some people are scared that being a vegan will make them weaker, or the food may not taste good. Riley says, “When I first decided to become vegan, I was terrified that I would lose my strength and that I would be stuck eating a diet that consisted of nothing but flavorless plants. I’ve learned how to eat raw and organic foods that have flavor and I’ve never been so happy to be proven wrong.”

Being a vegan promotes a healthy life style because you are filling your body with healthy and raw foods that will actually give your more energy than meat ever would. Decided if this life style will benefit you and take the plunge into your new life style.

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