Labor Day weekend beach roundup

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Photo from 'ZeHawk' via Flickr

Photo from 'ZeHawk' via Flickr

While Labor Day marks the end of summer for the rest of the world, Santa Ana season is just beginning in San Diego, and it’s about to get a lot hotter.  The city’s average fall weather is around 75 degrees, which means summer continues even after all the travelers have left.  Just in time for Labor Day weekend, here is a quick overview of some of San Diego’s most popular beaches, for visitors and “staycationers” alike.

Del Mar

Perfect for: Families with small children

The beaches in Del Mar offer plenty of things for kids to do to keep them entertained.  The large, grassy knolls are perfect for rolling down, and the area of the beach known as “The River Mouth” is perfect for young beach-goers.  Resembling a mix between a wading pool and beach, it’s protected from the wind and surf, and perfect for little ones to splash around in.  Parents will be pleased to know that there are bathrooms and showers for going potty every five minutes, or washing sunscreen out of eyes.  There are also stores and restaurants nearby, in case tots get hungry or bored of the sand.


Come early to snag parking!  Traffic can also be troublesome, be especially patient since it is a big holiday weekend.  Also, make sure to bring sandals because the sand can get very hot!

La Jolla Shores

Perfect for: Active families

La Jolla Shores offers good surfing, good swimming areas, and ample conditions for kids to boogie board, teens to kayak, and adults to scuba dive.  There is also a grass park with barbecue areas and a playground.  Food, equipment rentals, and surf/dive/kayak shops are all within walking distance, too.

Pacific Beach/Mission Beach

Perfect for: Singles who live by the motto “Work hard, party harder”

The long strip of sand that makes up Pacific Beach and Mission Beach is a hot-spot for  young professionals making the most of their day off or college students already looking to unwind after a strenuous first week back at school.  This place is usually packed on holiday weekends, so expect to see a swarm of hot bods looking to have some fun (tip: the boardwalk offers prime people-watching).  There are also many places nearby to grab a bite to eat or a beverage to imbibe, so the party can continue into the night.

Tip:  Parking is crazy all weekend, so find a friend’s house to crash at, or be prepared to walk quite a ways!

Mission Bay

Perfect for: Families whose idea of a barbecue includes: catering pans, canopies, and two truckloads of supplies.

The many miles of shoreline that make up Mission Bay make it the best place to celebrate Labor Day with a large group.  The large grassy expanses and playgrounds allow enough room for everyone to run around, and bathroom facilities help keep the whole production clean.


Come early!  Stake out prime real estate so your family of thirty can all be together.  Bringing fold-able tables is also a good idea, in case picnic tables run out.  Parking spots go quickly too, so carpool if you can.  Also, double check that you have everything you’ll need for the day, as stores and restaurants are beyond walking distance.


Perfect for: Couples looking to spend the entire three-day weekend alone, making googly eyes at each other.

The resort-town atmosphere and myriad of fine dining options make San Diego’s own little “island” the perfect place to spend a romantic weekend together.  Lovebirds can take long walks along the seashell-dotted beach, and watch the sunset with the Hotel del Coronado as a backdrop.  RV camping at Silver Strand State Beach offers peace and quiet for stargazing, or whispering sweet nothings into each others’ ears.

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