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Now that we have all had some time to adjust to the newest iOS 10 update, we can start to discover how vast and capable the new features are. Every year when the updates come out, many people anticipate bugs, system shut-downs, and issues with storage. While it’s safe to say Apple has not made the update free of issues, it has gone slightly smoother than in years past.

After the initially confusion from downloading the newest update on Sept. 13, we can now take a look into the hidden gems iOS has to offer.

  1. Hallelujah! We can all celebrate that for the first time ever, Apple has made it so we can delete some of those annoying apps we couldn’t delete before. We can now delete stocks, mail, podcasts, watch and more.
  2. One of the coolest features of the new update is the Bedtime feature inside the clock app. This feature lets you set how many hours of sleep you want to get each night, and will alert you a certain amount of time before you need to go to sleep so you can start winding down. There is also a sleep analysis section, which allows you to get a more consistent weeks’ worth of sleep.
  3. We have all noticed that texting is a bit different in the update. In iMessage, you can now send secret messages, messages with pictures, and easily take a picture right from the messaging screen. Apple also made it so when you send a link to someone, instead of the link, a picture with the articles content will show up. Play around with the messaging settings, because there is definitely a lot to play around with.
  4. You can now draw on your photos. Similar to snapchat, you are able to write anything you want on your photos before sending them to your contacts.
  5. Apps now can integrate with your messages. For example, apps like Venmo, allow you to send money to people right in the message. Going along with that, Apple also made little animations that go along with something you type. For example, sending Happy Birthday, gets you a balloon animation.

I am sure we will keep discovering the new update’s little quirks and tricks over time. This update has to be the most integrative and helpful update yet.

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