Self Improvement: Visualize the Way To the Best Year of your Life

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Photo from masrulekram via Flickr

Photo from masrulekram via Flickr

Reality is a state of mind. Thoughts and beliefs manifest themselves into reality. Some say that thoughts themselves have energy and are powerful forces that can be used for creation or destruction.

When a person concentrates on something profusely, they can create a self fulfilling prophecy. If power in thought is true, then that means that individuals are at the helm of their destinies. If a person thinks negative thoughts, driven by fear, they will influence negative situations in their life. Conversely, if one keeps their mind focused on positive and loving mental images, they can bring abundance, joy and happiness into their lives.

There are many spiritual teachers that raise awareness on the power of positive thought. Louise Hay is one such teacher. She writes books and teaches people about positive affirmations. Hay explains that all thoughts are affirmations. For example saying or thinking, “I don’t like my job,” is an affirmation, a negative one. If a person keeps repeating this and thinking it over and over, they will continue to suffer at work. They will have bad encounters with their colleagues and supervisors. If the person’s focus is always on the negative, their reality will manifest negativity which will prove their original thought.

On the other hand, saying “I enjoy my work and find endless opportunities around me,” is a positive affirmation that Louise Hay encourages people to use instead. Hay claims that the formula is the same, however the affirmation has a positive energy to it rather than a negative one hence will attract more positivity. A person using this affirmation consistently will begin to notice the wonderful teamwork at his or her job. The person’s relationship with their supervisor will improve and perhaps even be asked to take on a special project which could lead to career advancement.

Positive thinking is something that is used by the world’s greatest leaders. In his biography, Barack Obama Hope And Change, President Obama wrote about using visualization techniques to bring the things he wanted into his life. He wrote that he imagined himself as President, giving Presidential speeches. He saw himself in the executive position before he ever won the election.

Tony Robbins, a motivational speaker, is also a firm believer in positive visualization. He has given seminars on this topic and wrote about it in his many books. Tony Robbins talks about the struggles and challenges earlier in his life with health and finances.  He discusses that the visualizations helped him during the turning points in his life. He began believing in himself and his abilities which stopped fear in its tracks. Robins teaches the importance of picturing exactly what is wanted and experiencing the emotions as though it had already been fulfilled.

Affirmations and visualizations are tools that can be used to attract the best things in life. 2010 is a brand new year; it is a time to allow ourselves to create a better person. The cells of our body renew themselves cyclically. It is time that people look at their way of thinking and renew it. Each day is a gift that is given; each day people have the chance to change their thoughts from those that are negative to those that are positive. Happiness can be thought to be a relative concept. Happiness and success can be created by visualizing our true potential.

Begin right now, this moment. Close your eyes, take deep breaths and relax. Think about exactly how you want your life to be; imagine your health, career, relationship etc. Think about how it would feel to go to work at your ideal job. Imagine the body you’ve always wanted as if it is already yours.

Take a few moments of your day to focus on these mental pictures. Before you know it, this New Year will begin to take a shift towards fulfilling all the wonderful possibilities that have been awaiting you.

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