How To Keep Cool During the Next Heatwave

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If you are like many people in San Diego County without air conditioning, you likely suffer during any heatwave that blows into town. Heatwaves can pose a serious threat to people, causing heat exhaustion and even heat strokes if you don’t properly take care of yourself. By taking the following steps, you can keep cool during the heatwave and stay safe.

The cooling power of water

Don’t underestimate the power of cool water on your skin. Try soaking a towel or bandana and place it across your forehead or behind your neck. This can cause your core body temperature to quickly drop, effectively cooling you off.

Stick to downstairs

If you have a multi-story home, try to stick to the first floor. Since hot air rises, the first floor can be much cooler than upstairs.

Circulate air throughout your home

In the evenings, open up your windows and doors to get some air flow throughout your home. If you have fans, set them up throughout the house to push the hot air outside while drawing in cooler air throughout the house. Once the sun rises, close all doors, windows, and curtains, so you can trap the cool air in for as long as possible.

Keep hydrated

When it’s hot, it is easy to become dehydrated, so be sure to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. This will allow your body to continually regulate your core temperature, keeping you comfortable throughout the day. Be sure to eat a small amount of food with your water to replenish your electrolytes as well.

Get out of the house and visit public buildings with A/C

If you don’t have air conditioning or don’t want to deal with the high electric bills, go and visit public places to cool down. The movie theatre, libraries, and shopping malls are all great places to cool down.

Stay away from alcohol and caffeine

Both of these can act as a diuretics which can promote dehydration. Stick with water for your go-to beverage during a heat wave.

Eliminate unnecessary heat sources

Turn off any incandescent light bulbs, computers, or appliances that are running. Avoid cooking with the oven or stove as they can quickly heat your home by expelling hot air.

Avoid protein-rich foods

Protein-rich meals can work to increase your metabolic heat and warm the body quickly. Stick to fresh foods for your meals to stay cool.

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