How Strong Has Marijuana Become?

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Either you smoked marijuana back in the day or you’ve heard the stories from someone who has. They all point to the same thing: weed sucked back in the day. Smoking marijuana from the ’60s all the way to the ’90s couldn’t even hold a candle to the potency of today’s strains, but just how much stronger has it become in post-legalization? Let’s dive in.

The best way to determine marijuana’s potency is by measuring its concentration of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive ingredient that makes you ‘high’. Another characteristic to consider is the levels of CBD (cannabidiol), as this chemical can counteract the psychoactive properties of THC.

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With legal recreational marijuana taking off in more than 10 states and more for medicinal usage, cannabis growers have been able to utilize time tested technique compounded with modern technology to create some of the most potent weed ever. Additionally, you can now find specialized strains that are tailored to specific needs, such as high THC or CBD levels, which can provide a number of health benefits.

The annual Cannabis Cup held by High Times is a good litmus test to understand the current atmosphere of just how strong marijuana is. This year, Nova OG is said to be the most powerful cannabis strain ever, with 35.6 % THC. This a major jump from the 2011 most potent strain, the Ghost Train Haze, which boasted 25.49 % THC. While these are the cream of the crop when it comes to super high THC packed strains, the THC average for the legal market is still fairly respectable, ranging between 18-20 %.

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To put this into perspective, marijuana that used 30-40 years typically had a THC concentration of 0.4 – 10 %. While it should be taken into account that marijuana was much less studied during this time, it goes without saying that weed has reached significantly high levels of potency in just the last decade. Cannabis continues to follow the trend of seeking out the top THC soaked strains available, and the sheer profitability weed is bringing gives us the feeling that we are just getting started.

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