Holiday Gift Guide For Him

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As the holidays draw closer, it’s becoming crunch time to finish up your gift shopping. If you’re in the position of not knowing what to get for any of the men in your life, let this guide ease some of your troubles. Here are some fantastic gift ideas that will be sure to impress.


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Having a quality watch on your wrist is not only a convenient tool for everyday use, it’s also a statement that shows you mean business. MVMT Watches offers gorgeous watches that are up to date with the latest trends, all for an insanely affordable price. These timepieces make for a professional wardrobe, or work well for a casual day fit. With a wide range of selections, you’ll be sure to find one that he’ll love to wear.

Nowadays, keeping your devices fully charged and ready to go is more necessary than ever. Living an on-the-go lifestyle means you might not always be around an outlet to keep your devices juiced up. So quit being tied down and stop fearing have a dead device by getting him the Mophie Power Station. This external battery is big enough to fully charge your device up to 8 times. With the two USB ports, you can even charge your phone and tablet up together, meaning you’ll never have to worry about a dead device again while you have this in your backpack. The battery is even available in 5 different colors, and the sleek look of it makes it look like it’s own device, and with a price of $49.99, you won’t be breaking the bank.

Everyone knows that when it comes to Sunglasses, quality is always better. With Ray-Ban sunglasses, you know you’ll be rocking a stylish look while not compromising on quality. Ray-Ban offers a wide selection of frames for all kinds of faces. Some of the top frames in style right now are the Clubmaster sunglasses. Offering a vintage yet timeless look, it gives the wearer that intellectual look while shielding their eyes from any bright light. Another timeless frame offered by Ray-Ban is the Wayfarer, being one of the most recognized pair of sunglasses. Plus, he’ll for sure love getting a solid pair of sunglasses.


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For the music lover in your life, Apple Airpods are a phenomenal choice for a holiday gift. Airpods are completely wireless headphones that pair seamlessly with your phone via bluetooth. They’re perfect for those who prefer to easily move throughout their day without a cord getting in the way. Some cool features include auto-pausing your music if you take one out of your ear, using siri-enabled commands, and offering crisp noise-cancelling audio. They especially excel when using them in the gym or on runs, and will make a world of difference with the freed up range of motion. Plus, they come with a charging case that can charge them up in 30 minutes or less. While on the pricey side of $159, they are the best when it comes to wireless headphones.

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