Historic Treasures in Old Town San Diego

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San Diego is filled with historic landmarks and history, including Old Town. Old town is the earliest indication that people lived in our beloved city almost 9,000 years ago. The first people to settle down in this land called themselves the Kumeyaay, later gathering to live in the hills while the Spaniards took over. Old Town was founded in 1769 when Father Junipero Serra came and created 21 missions, causing San Diego to be born, making it a very important landmark that still exists today.

Casa De Lopez

Juan Lopez built this home in 1835, as a Spanish settler who came to San Diego to start a new life. Juan Matias Moreno later took residency here, who was the secretary to the governor at the time. This house was one of the first built in the pueblo of Old Town and is now residing as a lobster restaurant called Rockin’ Baja Lobster Restaurant.

McCoy House

In 1869 this home was designed and built for the first sheriff to live in. The Sheriff, James McCoy, was of Irish decent and served as the Sheriff for a decade. It has since been reconstructed with its Spanish architectural influences, and still exists today as a museum that you can explore.

Old Adobe Chapel

This chapel was created in the 1850’s originally as a home.  As time went by, this home transformed into the first church to be a part of the missions.  The the chapel was later knocked down, but rebuilt in the 1930’s. Despite some modern touches to the chapel, some of the original aspects were preserved to protect this historical building.

Derby-Pendleton House

This house was meant to be in New Town, but later moved to Old Town in the 1800’s. George A Pendleton  was the first clerk in the county, and he resided in this house while also using it as his office and extra storage space. The Derby-Pendleton House is now located near the Whaley House.

Whaley House

If you are into paranormal activity, then this is the perfect place for you to visit. To some, this house is the most haunted place in America, and it’s located in San Diego. It has been featured often in stories on the news as well paranormal television series.  The mystery as to what the paranormal activity is, or more importantly who it was, is still a mystery.

Plazo Viejo

This is the perfect place to connect with Spaniard history, offering a spectacular way to immerse yourself in Spanish culture. In addition to the plethora of activities offered, this is also where the first American Flag was raised into the San Diego sky, and honored.

San Diego Union Newspaper

This is the first office of the San Diego Union Tribune Newspaper. The paper started back up again in the 1860’s with a weekly paper for all of San Diego to enjoy. The office is available for visits and you can even see the editor’s office.

Old Town has everything from haunted houses to live entertainment. There are live mariachi bands that perform every day, and special shows throughout the weeks. There are also many missions that you can visit and explore. Learn more about the early history of your city at the museums provided and grab a bite after at the vibrant restaurants surrounding the town. The other attractions that you can be a part of are the Mormon Battalion Historic Site which was used during the Mexican war, and the Johnson house which was built by steamboat operator George Alonxo Johnson. Learn about your city and visit the missions, restaurants, houses, and museums that are located in Old Town San Diego.

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