Golf Tip #8 With Adam Porzak: Ball Position & Face Angle

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Throughout the past few months, the SD Entertainer has been working with Adam Porzak from the Porzak Golf Academy in showing us various golf tips and tricks. Adam always provides our readers with helpful golf tips that will improve anyone’s game.

In our series, Golf Tips with Adam Porzak, Tip #7 included Adam’s tips on Check Points for putting, and today, he is providing us with yet another helpful tip, “Ball Position & Face Angle.” Watch the video below.

Adam begins by stating the importance of the ball position and face angle and how it not only dictates the flight of the shot but the spin of the shot as well. Understanding this particular tip is very important because of the different variations of shots in golf.

“A ball position that is off your back instep, with a face that’s square, so the face tats more d lofted, not lofted…will promote a low ball flight…we know that as the bump and run”

By setting up the correct ball position, you are avoiding moves that require too much movement and manipulation.

“I move the ball to the forward part of my stance, open the face slightly…and the ball simply gets more lofted as a result of the face angle and the ball position”

Adam states that he also sees many people try to back the shaft of the club up which is not recommended for amateurs. As you work on your game, this type of move becomes more manageable, but for first time golfers, Porzak recommends keeping the shaft at 90 degrees.

Adam concludes with a helpful phrase to help newer golfers keep this tip in the front of their minds, “Ball back, face closed, ball goes low. Ball forward, face open, ball goes high”

If you are interested in learning more from Porzak, make sure to visit Porzak Academy’s website.  The website includes a blog that is full of different tips to help golfers of all levels.

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