Golf Tip #7 With Adam Porzak: Putting Setup Check Points

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Over the path month, SD Entertainer has been lucky enough to work with Adam Porzak from the Porzak Golf Academy. Adam has been providing our readers with simple golf tips that not only make the game simpler, but more enjoyable as well.

In our series, Golf Tips with Adam Porzak, our readers have learned everything from the significance of “connection” to different swings and puts. This week, Porzak is providing us with yet another useful tip, “Putting Setup for Check Points”.

Adam began by explaining that putting equals nearly 40 percent of the total score, which is why it is so important to get this element of the game right. Adam then goes on to help our readers come up with a set of checkpoints for their golf setup.

He says, “With the shoulder line being the path… it’s very important to have square shoulders.” He then goes on to explain his process of how to know if your shoulders are square.

The second component of setting up is the eye line, or optic line. “Make sure your eye line is over the golf ball, so you can properly get your putter down behind the golf ball and aim it according to the spot your trying to hit.” He explains that if looking at the ball from an angle, you will have a hard time directing the ball where you want it to go. He ensures his optic line by measuring his putter from the ball to his eyes for a straight line.

His final component is to make sure your hands are under your shoulders. By lining up your hands, optic line, and squaring your shoulders, the ball can move freely in a straight line. If any of these components are out of line, it is very easy to get a U or arc path with your ball.

He completes his tip by showing the components working together to make golfing easier and more enjoyable.  If you want to learn more about these specific techniques, be sure to watch the video of Adam demonstrating putting setup checkpoints.

If you are interesting in learning more from Porzak, make sure to visit Porzak Academy’s website.  The website includes a blog that is full of different tips to help golfers of all levels.

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