Coastal Groups Persevering our Oceans

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Costal groups are very important to our society here in San Diego, because we want to preserve our beautiful beaches. It’s important to educate the community on how to be aware of how to preserve our home. Restoring life and beauty to San Diego is done by the local coastal conservation groups, and its time for all of the ocean lovers and San Diego locals to get involved.

The San Diego Coastkeeper has a goal to restore all of the polluted water so that people can fish, swim, and drink safe water. The San Diego county deserves to have safe water surrounding it, and the Coastkeeper is determined to keep the clean water clean, and treat the polluted water. They build their foundation on courage, thoughtfulness, and passion, among other things. They believe in respecting everyone and their opinions, including those that do not match theirs. In order to inform the San Diego locals about the importance of water preservation, they used education and interact with the community. Some of the activities that they put on include Monthly water quality monitoring on October 7th at 9am, and cleaning the beach at Sunset Cliffs on November 11th at 9am. This group makes it very easy to get involved, so come support your city by supporting the mission to keep our city’s water clean.

The San Diego Oceans Foundation has been changing lives and the ocean since 2012. This active group has many different fundraisers such as the Dive-A-Thon. This event is the largest fundraiser for the group, where divers take pledges, such as they do with marathons and runners. If you’ve always had a passion for diving, then it’s time to get involved and make a difference at the same time. There are prizes provided, and this is something that everyone can be involved in whether you want to be a diver, or someone who pledges.

Another important group is the Surfrider Foundation in the San Diego Chapter. This foundation is non-profit and is passionate about protecting beaches and striving to be active in the community. The foundation encourages you to get involved, and has something for everyone who wants to help and support. Their strategic goals include the passions of cleaning water, access to the beaches, preservation, and protection. The San Diego chapter is extremely important to this program because of the infinite coastlines and numerous beaches. Join the other 250,000 members that are active and support this life changing organization. There are many activities that you can get involved in such as beach cleanups and the ocean friendly gardens.

Appreciating your home and the beaches that come with it, is something that might be overlooked, due to lack of education. Educate yourself on different coastal preservation groups in the area, and get involved in your community, while expressing your passion for the beach and protecting natural habitats. Combine your passions with your preservation and educate yourself on how you can make a difference in your own city.

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