Attack of the Girl Scout Cookies!

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Photo Courtesy of Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar Via FlikrIt’s that time of the year, where our New Year’s resolution is put to the ultimate test. You know what I’m talking about, those precious little girls, holding what will be the end to a significant amount of people’s New Year’s resolution- Girl Scout Cookies.

Their plan of attack? Strategically placing themselves EVERYWHERE!  Did you run out of toilet paper? You better believe that if you walk into your local grocery store you’re leaving the parking lot with more than milk, because they’re there. The Girl Scouts strategically place themselves right by the entrances and exits to ensure they attack all incoming and outgoing traffic. First they’ll greet you with their innocent smile, then slyly draw you in, and next thing you know it, you just left the grocery store with toilet paper and three boxes of thin mints.

Photo Courtesy of Kurt Magoon via flickr

You think you’re safe at work? Hah! There are parents, friends, and relatives supporting those little scouts. Only the adults are smarter, more business savvy. Instead of asking a few coworkers to support their scout, they setup a little stand. Their plan of attack is quite the site to see.

Does that picture on the left familiar? A poster board with a picture of that little Girl Scout, smiling, and just for a special added touch, they have their scout compose a little hand-written note. A note exemplifying her manners and ability to be polite, maybe she even drew a smiley face for special effects. But where is this poster board located? The break room of course. Where the hungry come hoping to find something to fulfill their craving, not realizing they just stepped into a cookie trap.  They enter the room, see that poster-board with the little girl smiling, a hand-written note, and bam! They’re instantly filling out that order form.

What’s even smarter is that you don’t want to look cheap by only ordering one box, because everyone can see who ordered what, so you order in quantity!

Remember those cookies are everywhere and those girls are taught early on to set goals and achieve them, and you my friend are their goal. Stay strong and stay committed to your New Year’s resolution, The Girl Scouts will be done selling those bad boys on March 11, 2012.

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