Financial Topic of the Month: Tax Season

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San Diego Entertainer’s own financial expert, Steve Sexton from Sexton Advisory Group was more than a guest on E&L TV.  Steve not only gave the viewers excellent financial advice, he also moderated the show, striking dialogue with top advisors as they discussed popular topics regarding finance, taxes, and real estate charity in December’s airing of Entertainer & Lifestyles TV.

Steve gave us some insight on the current market, and discussed the key elements to look out for when making decisions in investments. He illustrated how most people are handling current investments by waiting or hoping just to break even in an investment they made years ago.

Now that we are in the beginning of the year, we should have already started our taxes. Steve suggested that this process should have started in the last three months of the year, but most of us procrastinate and wait until the new year begins.  Watch Steve below as he gives advice on taxes and picks the brains of a few, well respected, advisors.

Steve Sexton is a financial expert who personalizes each individual’s financial plan on their unique circumstances and goals. He has over 15 years experience in the financial services industry and holds multiple licenses and designations including being a Better Business Bureau member and a National Ethics Bureau Member.

He has provided the Channel 6 San Diego Living show with financial tips throughout the month. We are thankful to be able to share his financial expertise with our readers as well.

If you would like to learn more about the financial planning provided by Sexton Advisory Group, securing your financial wealth and freedom, planning for your retirement or to reserve a spot in one of Sexton’s free financial workshops you can visit Or you can reach the Sexton Advisory Group by contacting Steve Sexton at or by calling 951-695-8810.

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