Game of Thrones Viewing Party Ideas

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With the season 7 premiere pulling in over 16 million viewers, shattering previous records, Game of Thrones has become the king of television. As the new season is underway with episodes premiering every Sunday, having a viewing party with your friends and fellow fans has become an exciting way to share the thrill of the show. Here are some tips on how to help you take your viewing party to the next level.

Meat Pie

In recognition of a fan favorite character who just made a returning cameo appearance, Hot Pie, and as recognition of the wonderful last meal by the Freys, whip up a meat pie for your guests. As a favored (or deadly) delicacy in the show, you can serve this as a tasty meal to enjoy while watching. Grab some pot pies from the freezer aisle at the store, or search Pinterest for your next recipe. This meal can fill the bellies of your guests and make them feel as if they’ve stepped into The Inn at the Crossroads with Arya right beside them.

Bake Dire Wolf Cookies

Another meal relating to the character Hot Pie, you can bake cookies in the shape of Direwolves for your viewing party guests. A perfect compliment to the meat pies above, these cookies allow you to show off your creativity and decorative skills. Modeled after the massive Direwolves that the Stark children are given in the first season, they will certainly be a hit with your guests, especially those who are die hard fans of the North and the Stark family. Try this dog-shaped cookie cutter, add some decoration, and you’re good to go.

Character Dress Up

Cosplay, the act of wearing costumes and accessories to represent a character, is a fantastic way to immerse your viewing party in the spirit of the show. Make it a requirement for your guests to dress up as their favorite character, and have a contest for the best costume. Maybe you want to portray everyone’s favorite hero, Jon Snow, complete with a flowing wig and black fur coat. Or maybe you want to arrive as the Mother of Dragons, complete with silver hair and a beautiful dress. Either way, this will give your viewing party a fun escape from the real world, and serve as some playful competition between your friends.

Game of Thrones Branded Ale and Wine

Any fan of the show will know that wine and ale are commonly consumed by the residents of Westeros. Bring some of that to your viewing party, by purchasing wine made specifically for Game of Thrones. Created by Vintage Wine Estates, drink like Tyrion with their selection of a special blend of red, a Chardonnay, or a Sauvignon Blanc, starting at $20.00 a bottle. If you are more of a Northerner and prefer ale, you can purchase a beer brewed by Ommegang Brewery called “Bend the Knee Golden Ale” for $10.99. For even greater effect, drink from a great goblet.

Who Will Survive this Season?

“When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die”. This haunting quote by Cersei Lannister speaks the truth as to how this show treats its characters. It is wise to not become too attached to any character, because you never know if they will make it to the next season. You can create a game for your viewing party that allows your guests to bet whether their favorite characters will survive the Game of all Games. Guests can bet money on who will live or die, and after the finale, you can offer prizes for those who did best. Though this may seem gruesome, it is a compelling way to look forward to the next episode.

Gather with your friends to watch Game of Thrones and be creative while doing it.

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