Fire Season Preparation Plan

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Fire season is upon us in San Diego, which means it’s time to learn how to properly take precautions. You must be prepared, educated, and be knowledgeable of your surroundings. Be aware of where your house is located, and know where the exists are in your house, and the easiest place to escape. Lane Giammalva is a current student in the fire academy at Palomar station, and says, “Being ready and prepared for a fire at any moment is crucial to avoiding dangerous situations. Education and awareness about your surrounding environment is extremely important to predicting potential hazards. Be knowledgeable of where your home lies geographically, what is surrounding it that could burn, and what suppression methods are available. Smoke alarms should be properly installed in every bedroom of the house, as well as common areas throughout.” It is also advised that you check your fire alarms every couple of months, just to make sure they are working and active (this means to not ignore the annoying beeping sound from the alarm when the batteries need to be changed).

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Being prepared means knowing a plan, and creating a plan that involved back up shelter to evacuate to, and having a small bag packed during the hot months, just in case you do need to leave your home. It is also advised by Giammalva, “There should also be backup locations in case the primary spots are unavailable. Homeowners must also prepare to evacuate pets, and other valuable items. Homes should include a first-aid kit readily available in case of any minor injuries, as well as a flashlight in case the power goes out.” It is important to have a first aid kit available, in case there is an injury. Food and water is also a necessity that needs to be a part of your emergency kid. Purchase non-perishable foods, and bottles of water, just in case you are faced with a fire.

 Evacuation is a scary and serous process, and early evacuation is always advised. If you are asked to leave be an official, it is advised that you listen and leave immediately, and leave quickly. This is when your emergency kit and packed bag will come into play. Again, fire season may be scary, but it will be less scary and you are prepared. It is always better to be safe, rather, than sorry.

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Evacuation will be a hectic situation, so make sure to make it easy as possible, which goes back to being prepared. The most important thing is to create this plan, and make sure that your family or roommates, are all on the same page. There is nothing worse than being in a scary situation, and not working together. If your home does become fire territory make sure to close your windows and doors, but leave them unlocked in case fire fighters need to enter your home. It would also be helpful to turn off your electricity, air conditioning, and heat system, so that small embers do not enter your vents.

Our final advice from Giammalva is, “The absolute best thing one can do to protect themselves, their families, and their property from such hazards is to be educated, aware, prepared, and ready at any moment!” Stay safe, and be prepared at all times.

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