Financial Expert Steve Sexton Airing Tuesdays on Channel 6 “San Diego Living”

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During these tough economic times, there is a definite need to be financially intelligent. We need to know what to do (and what not to do) with our money in order to live comfortable lives. The times of lavish spending and blindly fumbling with our finances are over. Today, people see a great need to learn as much as possible about becoming financially sound.

Luckily, the San Diego Entertainer has found a financial expert in Steve Sexton.

Steve Sexton is the president of the Sexton Advisory Group. Steve Sexton is also a Director of the non-profit Financial Knowledge Institute, accredited by the Nationals Ethics Bureau and founded specifically to provide critical information and guidance for consumers on this important topic: finances. Steve has contributed to the Entertainer, providing financial advisories on topics that readers care about. To watch his videos and learn more, search Steve Sexton now.

Steve has over 15 years of experience in the financial service industry and has served thousands of clients throughout Southern California. Some of the topics he specializes in: taking money from IRA’s tax-free, stopping the unfair taxation on your Social Security Income, how to get long-term care protection without paying annual premiums, safe investment alternatives, and protecting yourself from market losses.

Steve Sexton intends on sharing his knowledge about finances with the public. He will be the Financial Expert to the Channel 6 San Diego Living Show, appearing every Tuesday in order to give out financial tips. He will provide advice that will help you better plan for your future.  Sexton says his main goal is to guide people in the right direction in alignment with their own personal goals.

In Sexton’s words, “A person must understand that financial and retirement goals change, and there must be a commitment to maintaining or changing the strategies as to ensure the best possible future for each client and their family. Most financial advisors only focus on helping clients accumulate assets. But our job should be to help you get a handle on your true needs and desires, to help you avoid financial problems in your retirement years and your estate plan.”

His firm, Sexton Advisory Group, specializes in helping their clients through personal “critical financial events.” They believe strongly in the importance of communication as well as the specific needs of each individual. They do not have a general cookie-cutter plan they apply to each person, instead, they create an plan that is catered to the different variables in each client’s individual situation.

Sexton explains that “the correct course of action to properly address one’s financial future is like building a house; it is critical to discover your needs first, and then build the proper plan. Learning the right questions to ask before moving forward is absolutely critical.”

For more information on the Sexton Advisory Group or to speak with an advisor about your financial goals, contact Steve Sexton at or call 951-695-8810.

You can also sign up for one of Sexton’s free financial workshops about finances at

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