Estate Planning Advice: Specifying Your Burial Instructions

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What do families argue about the most when a loved one has passed away?  Estate planning lawyer from Walters and Ward, Michael Walters shares the answer to this question.

After practicing law for over 30 years, he has noticed that families often fight over what to do when it comes to the disposal of the body of a loved one who has passed away. Families have issues about whether they should bury, cremate, or other alternatives they can take when it comes to the death of a loved one.  Why would you want your family to argue over something like your death?

Specifying Burial Instructions

Walters has a solution to avoid family disputes that might occur after you’ve passed away. He recommends that you make a will and a trust. By doing this you can specify what you want to happen with your body when you do pass away. In doing this, your will and trust will have instructions prepared for your family and then they will be able to handle the situation and avoid disputes over your burial. Then your family will not have to be subjected to the pressures and concerns of what would be proper in taking care of your burial, because you yourself had already decided so in your will or trust. Instead of leaving your family with the possibility of unnecessary conflicts over your death, you’ll leave them with peace if you do plan ahead and set a will and trust.

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