Legal Expert, Mike Walters Airing Wednesdays on Channel 6, “San Diego Living”

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San Diego Entertainer’s own trusted legal advisor, Mike Walters from Walters and Ward, has been kind enough to share his legal advice with you for quite a while now. As he has helped in giving tips about estate planning, probate, wills and trusts, and many other legal problems too, he has become well known in Southern California. Mike Walters has been successful in recently scoring a weekly appearance on San Diego’s Channel 6, “San Diego Living”. Every Wednesday, he will be giving legal advice in hopes of helping out those who need the educational lessons.

Mike Walters advice on probate

This week Mike Walters shared his knowledge on probate. Probate is a legal process in which your assets are distributed once you die. These assets include property, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, and pretty much anything that you own that has value. But, as Mike suggests you want to avoid probate because it is a long process, it’s expensive, freezes assets, and makes everything public.

So, how can you avoid probate?

You need to make an estate plan. If you do this, it sets a precise plan of how you want your assets to be distributed after you die. Mike Walters advises that you create a will or a trust to avoid issues that your loved ones may have to experience if you don’t have a plan. Estate planning is the smart and right way to go when it comes to protecting your valuable assets. At Walters and Ward they can help to ensure that your estate will not go under probate and that you will be fully covered.

For more information on Wills and Trusts or estate planning, visit Walters and Ward has over 20 locations throughout Southern California, and holds free workshops on Wills and Trusts. These workshops do have limited space, but you can sign up online or call 1-877-779-9729 to reserve space at one of the upcoming workshops.

And don’t forget to check out Mike Walter’s weekly legal advice airing on Wednesdays on San Diego’s Channel 6, “San Diego Living”.

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