Will Ferrell hosts 16th annual charity golf tourney at Rancho Bernardo Inn

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Photo from 'Chispita 666' via Flickr

Photo from 'Chispita 666' via Flickr

On Friday, September 18th, do-gooders gathered at San Diego’s Rancho Bernardo Inn to participate in the 16th annual Cancer For College Golf Classic. Among those do-gooders? Non other than the master and comedy, and not to mention host of the yearly event, Will Ferrell.

How is it that such a nutty super-star was all of the sudden so accessible at a local charity event? Well, Cancer for College is a heart warming generous charity that was founded by two time cancer survivor Craig Pollard, who also happens to be a former USC fraternity brother of Will’s.

The charity helps raise money for young cancer patients and survivors who dream of attending college, but need help due to the financially draining results of treatment and hospital bills.

It seems ironic that while at USC, funny man Ferrell was studying to be an out of this world comedian and actor while his close friend was creating a business plan to build a non-profit organization to help cancer patients, right? Well, Will’s lucrative career has helped raise a ton of cash for the charity, making the early union of these two contrastingly successful men meant to be.

Cancer for College holds an annual Golf Classic where anyone can come and participate in an auction, play golf, enjoy food and drinks, meet Will, and meet those who have been helped by the foundation. The first classic was held in 1993 in a backyard with 24 close friends and family, where they awarded 500 dollars to one lucky scholarship recipient. Now, 16 years later, they are able to give out 250,000 dollars a year to young people who need it to pursue their educational dreams.

Will is a large spokesperson for the charity and has been a supporter and contributor from its conception. As he was swarmed by reporters and fans who attended the event, which was open to anyone that signed up on the website, a large scantily clad advertisement poster of him posing in various more-than-half-naked ensembles raised quite a few eyebrows.

Not to worry, not that anything like that regarding Will would ever be strange or new, but the hilariously erotic ads were for his new sunscreen line called “WILLPOWER” specifically designed to raise money for Cancer for College. The laugh out loud logos on each of the three bottles of sunscreen are worth the cause and go for $11.99 a pop.

All proceeds from the merchandise go directly to Cancer for College to help with scholarship awards. To donate to this wonderful local charity through the purchase of these keepsakes, to attend a CFC event, or just to find out more about CFC’s mission to help, visit

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