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Picking out key pieces for the fall season can make anyone go from a style no-no to style chic. Make sure to have versatile pieces that help transform a summer  wardrobe into fall fashions.

Stay warm with wool this season (Photo by cleverchimp via Flickr)

Stay warm with wool this season (Photo by cleverchimp via Flickr)

Wool jackets are classic pieces for the fall.  They are warm, simple and add great style to any wardrobe.  A wool jacket is one piece of clothing that is worth spending a little more money on.  Since they never go out of style, they can be worn every fall season and still look great.  They even look good with jeans. It’s a great piece that can never go wrong.

Scarves can add color to a dark and gloomy day. Especially on a windy day, scarves can be helpful and look good.  Pick shades that go well with your eyes to bring out their natural color. They look great with any jacket and can help prevent colds by shielding your neck from wintery winds.

A nicely knitted crop jacket may be perfect for the current weather.  These are my favorite types of jackets because they cover the arms to keep warm, but it doesn’t cover the whole body. On days where it might be cold in the morning and warmer in the afternoon, these little jackets are great. Plus if the need arise to take it off, it isn’t too heavy and awkward to carry around the rest of the day.

Tall boots can be a hit or miss fashion calling, but when the right boot is worn, it looks great. Not to bring down short people, but most of the time boots are a big mistake since they will end up making short people look shorter. The way to wrangle in these cowboys is to find a boot with a heel.  It doesn’t need to be an extremely high hooker style heel, just one that’s tall enough to compensate.  Be sure to also match it with a nice fitted top, nothing loose or dangling past the waist, it will just make you look even shorter.

Even though many say Ugg boots are always a big fashion disaster, they can look nice if worn without shorts or a mini.  Since skinny jeans are all the rage, match them up with a dark tall Ugg boot (right below the knee). It will make people feel warm just looking at you.

add some color to your wardrobe (Photo by Peacock Feather Earrings & Matching Sets via Picasa)

Add some color to your wardrobe (Photo by Peacock Feather Earrings & Matching Sets via Picasa)

Adding a necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings can add some color and dimension to an outfit without making it obvious. Colorful natural looking earrings like faux peacock feathers or stones can go well with neutral tones like grey, brown and black. It’s great when you want to add a little color without going around looking like a life-size crayon.

Leggings work perfectly for that transformation between summer and fall.  They go great with skirts, allowing some of the summer fashions to mix in with the fall.  Since we hardly ever have hard weather here in San Diego, leggings can go a long way through the fall season. Try not to get too crazy with colors.  Walking around in bright yellow leggings can be a childish move or make everything you’re a big fan of big bird.  Match darker leggings with a nice heel and you can keep the mature adult look.

The one fashion tip that never changes is to wear clothes that fit well. For the cooler weather, it’s a good idea to be bundled up, but don’t make it looked like 10 pounds have been added. Having nice fitted clothes made of the right material can keep in the warmth without creating a bulky look.

Fitting clothing works both ways. Having clothes that are too tight is a no-no also.  Even if it is cold outside walking indoors may require shedding a few layers.  If the outer layer fits right, but the inner layer is a stuffed sausage, it will take away from the whole chic look.

With Black Friday around the corner, keep an eye out for sales and discounts.  Getting a good fashion lineup for the fall doesn’t have to cost more than your paycheck. Finding a few key pieces that can be mixed and match with existing clothing can make for a very stylish fall season.

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