Encinitas meditation garden provides escape from daily grind

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Summer is already drawing near and beckoning us with its warm San Diego rays. This weekend get in touch with Mother Nature and take in some of the fresh air. Escape the daily grind and visit a garden in Encinitas, where a plethora of exotic flowers, lush green trees and koi ponds await.

This meditation garden, founded in 1937 by the Yogananda Self-Realization Fellowship is open to the public to enjoy its tranquil beauty. Individuals have no reason to be fearful of religious workers badgering you to join their church or convert as its sole purpose is to just be an outdoor sanctuary for visitors.

Instant Zen has never been this easy as this inviting garden consists of a pathway with a leafy and cool canopy that guides you around a small running waterfall that spills into a series of ponds packed with colorful kois. One can walk up a set of sloping steps and find a narrow pathway where you can get a glance of the breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

Wash your stress away and take a seat in one of the small benches in the semi-secluded areas and enjoy the serene sounds of nature. Come here alone after a long day or bring your significant other for a romantic escape. Either way, this mediation garden is a world apart from the hustle and bustle of San Diego. Always in pristine and lush condition, this meditation garden is not something you should miss. Stay for a few hours and watch the sunset, however make note that sleeping and eating is not permitted. If you are heckling for a bite to eat, Swami’s Café is located only a block away. There is no fee for this alluring garden, but they always accept monetary donations. Located on 215 K Street in Encinitas.

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