Easy Freezer Frozen Treats

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Summer is the perfect time to indulge in frozen treats. It’s time to be creative and design your own desserts that have a taste of perfection. Create a treat with chocolate, fruits, or anything that you can find around the house. Making a quick summer frozen treat is easy and fun with the right ingredients, and the right mindset.

Chocolate Banana

If your taste buds are craving chocolate, then this is the perfect fix. All you will need is bananas, chocolate chips, and peanut butter. Cut the bananas into small slices, then cover them with a scoop of peanut butter, or you can also use almond butter. After this is done, melt your chocolate chips in a double boiler or microwave. Once your chocolate sauce is made, drizzle it over the bananas that are lathered in peanut butter. After this, stick them on a plate, and put them in the freezer over night. The next morning your treats will be made, and you will have bite sized chocolate covered bananas with a touch of peanut butter.


You only need two ingredients to make this delicious treat. You will need an ice-pop mold to shape the popsicles, along with orange juice and vanilla ice cream – that’s it! Scoop your vanilla ice cream into the molds and pour the orange juice in. After these two simple steps, pop them into the freezer over night and your homemade creamsicles will be ready for you.

Greek Yogurt Sandwiches

These simple and tasty ice cream sandwiches allow you to be creative with your toppings, and will be your favorite new dessert. You will need frozen Greek yogurt and delicious homemade or store bought cookies. If you want to heat up your cookies for an extra touch, pop them in the microwave for 20 seconds. After this, scoop your favorite flavor of ice cream on one cookie, and add what ever toppings you want. You can add sprinkles, chocolate chips, or anything else you might be craving. Once this is done, top it off with the other cookie, and you will have yourself a very satisfying dessert.

Strawberry Cheesecake Pops

There is nothing better than cheesecake on a stick, and it tastes delicious while being easy to make. You can either purchase a cheesecake at the store, or make your own. After you have baked (or purchased) your cheesecake, make sure to purchase chocolate and strawberries. Freeze the cheese cake for 20 minutes, and then start melting your chocolate. Cut your strawberries into tiny pieces so that you can stick them onto the popsicle easily. Slice up the cheesecake and put a stick into the bottom, so that you can dip it into your melted chocolate. Top it off with fresh strawberries, and put it in the freezer over night. You will then have delicious frozen cheese cake popsicles that will have a sensational taste.

Pudding Pops

This is easiest dessert to make, and it only takes two seconds. Go to the store and purchase the chocolate pudding in the kids section. You can choose what ever kind of pudding you want, either chocolate or vanilla. When you get home, tear off the plastic lid, and stick a popsicle stick in it. Put this in the freezer over night, and you’ll have a pudding popsicle. These are perfect for your kids as well, and they will have you making them every single night.

Enjoy your chill night at home with your frozen treats.

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