Easiest Plants to Keep Alive in Your Home

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You should never underestimate the power of an indoor plant and its inherent ability to make your home feel more open and inviting. Indoor plants can make you feel happier and healthier by improving air quality and eliminating significant amounts of pollutants. Plus, caring for a plant gives you responsibility and structure, which can be a good thing if you ask me. If you’re the kind of person that’s worried about keeping your an indoor plant alive and watered, don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of the easiest indoor plants to care for.


This lovely marbled looking plant is a fantastic indoor plant thanks to its powerful air-purifying qualities that work by absorbing harmful toxins like formaldehyde from materials like your carpet or flooring. A pothos works perfectly as a hanging basket plant or as a climbing plant on any object that will support it. Be sure to leave it in an area with ample sunlight, and allow the soil to dry in between watering.

Spider Plant

With a striking appearance, the spider plant can add a cool aesthetic to any room. They are extremely versatile, and work well in a variety of presentations, including as a hanging plant. Make sure they are kept with evenly moist soil and bright conditions. Room temperatures around ranging from 60 – 75 degrees is their sweet spot, and will keep them healthy and growing.


This medicinally functional succulent also serves as a chic house plant that can be placed anywhere around your home. Some varieties can grow up to 3 ft. tall, which can become a major room piece if you play it right. Other smaller varieties make for perfect table plants or bathroom plants. Aloe also works as a natural air purifier for the home. Aloe loves a lot of sunlight and temperatures around 70 degrees, and be sure to avoid watering it too much, as it prefers dry soil.

Jade Plant

Another simple yet elegant succulent, the jade plant is lush with thick branches and leaves. This plant grows fairly slowly, so be patient as you wait for it to grow. These definitely look best in a simple clay pot, so no need to go overboard on its presentation. Jade plants are extremely easy to maintain, requiring little water, bright light, and ordinary room temperatures.

Peace Lily

With curvy white blossoms and thick green leaves, it’s easy to understand why these are such popular indoor plants. The fact that it’s easy to grow is the icing on the cake. Peace lilies prefer low light, low humidity, and moist soil, with temperatures around 85 degrees.


These plants have exotic looking leaves varying in shape, and they occasionally produce slender flowery multicolored spikes. Peperomia make for perfect tabletop accessories, whether they be in dish gardens or mixed basket. Keep these in low light with moderately dry soil.


If you’re looking for a larger house plant, the ficus is your go-to. Glossy green leaves will spread out from an upright woody trunk, making for a small tree-like indoor plant. Depending on its size, this can be placed on a tabletop or on the floor as a main room piece. The ficus does not like environmental changes, so try to keep it in one spot. 

Parlor Palm

An elegant option for an indoor plant, the parlor palm sprouts strap-like green leaflets on feathery fronds that can grow from 9 to 24 inches long. These are great for filling any empty corners in a room, and don’t need as much light as other palms.

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