How to get the Girl – Relationship Advice from Marni Kinrys

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For all you men out there, have you ever found that you needed some advice when it comes to women? Felt like you didn’t and still don’t know what women want and how to seal the deal with that “special girl?”

Well, you’re in luck — Marni Kinrys, a relationship expert who was just recently named the 2010 World’s Best Female Pick up Artist sat down with the Entertainer for an interview.

Marni doesn’t consider herself to be a pick up artist. Rather, she she sees herself as a teacher who is teaching “men to become men.” She was happy to share some tips and advice about relationships and women, so for all you troubled men out there, all your questions about women may be answered.

Marni has spent the last seven years researching and figuring out what women want. Being a woman and learning these secrets has made her a top expert and she has taken it upon herself to help men land the girl they so desire.

She started doing this by giving her friends advice. Then she thought, hey maybe I can do this for a living. And even though her friends said it wouldn’t work, she remained determined.

She posted a blog and got a ton of responses from men who were in desperate need of relationship advice. As she received all these requests from men, she knew that she could be an important asset to those lacking the right skills and information to “get the girl.”

From previous experiences and knowledge about relationships, Marni believes that men have to develop something that is known as “self game.” She said this is a technique of making yourself feel and look attractive — the key is confidence. By developing “self game,” women will become attracted to you. Marni says, “you can’t turn anyone on until you turn yourself on.” Can you believe it’s just as simple as that?

As surprising as it may sound, Marni herself had a difficulty with social pressures, but she cured herself by realizing that you just have to be comfortable with being yourself.  Slowly but surely she started to build up her self-confidence and she noticed that people responded to her differently. This is how she came up with the Wing Girl Method.

The Wing Girl Method teaches guys that they just have to be confident and comfortable with themselves in order to get the women that they want.  Marni said that “men have to do what they want, just go for it and not be too concerned,” because they start to worry too much and they start to question themselves and this is why she teaches them the rules of the game from a female perspective.

In the rules of the game, Marni teaches men how to really know and understand what women want. By now you’re probably asking yourself — well, what do they want?!

Marni conducted an interview with a group of women to find this answer, but she found out that women don’t ever really know what they want! How can this be? She explains “women need to start speaking up” because if women don’t know what they want,  how are men supposed to know?

Through her research Marni came to believe that women just want “a man who is open to compromise, has good qualities such as confidence, and can be cool and comfortable with himself, but most importantly a man that can work with them.”

And for you women out there who find yourselves needing some advice on “how to get the guy,” Marni is hoping to expand her career and help you ladies out as well. Now that she has learned and knows the intentions of men, she wants to share this so that men and women can work together in their relationships. Marni wants to especially “bridge the gap in communication with men and women” because that is why people have had such difficulties with relationships.

So if you’re interested in learning more Marni’s inside scoop on “how to get the girl” check out her best selling DVD series that tell you just how to get that girl. These DVD’s can be instantly downloaded on the internet, and if you want some more information you can visit You can also keep a look out for some of her books that will be coming out soon.

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