Where to Find Cheap Workout Clothes

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If you exercise, then you know the struggle of the laundry pile. No matter what your relationship is with exercise, there are clothes involved. For women, it starts with a sports bra and a pair of leggings, but that is never enough. The dilemma: Own only a few pieces of work out clothes and be doomed to wash the same ones multiple times per week to avoid smelling like a monster. Or, spend a small fortune on a wardrobe of exercise clothes that you can wash at your convenience. The solution: finding exercise clothes that are actually affordable and good quality.

Whether you’re a runner or a yogi, or even if you just like the comfort of stretchy pants and breathable tops, there are shops that exist where you won’t break the bank or be disappointed in the quality of the clothes after a few washes. If you can’t afford (or justify) Lululemon prices or if you’re just looking for some frugal basics, we have a few suggestions that will keep you and your wallet happy and healthy.

One of the great things about exercise clothes is that while they are fashionable, they are mostly intended for comfort and function. This means that people are typically more willing to buy them online, since they are made from fabric with a good amount of stretch and they are often simple, straightforward designs that don’t require a lot of fuss.

So where should you go to get a good deal online? If you haven’t visited Kate Hudson’s online shop Fabletics, you should check it out now. Though the regular prices of Fabletics leggings, sports bras, and tops are comparable to other name brand prices, the deals that are offered to new members offer extreme savings. Currently, new “VIP members” are able to purchase 2 leggings for $24. The leggings are feminine but functional and they come in different patterns, colors, and lengths. Visit the site and we are sure you’ll find it difficult to choose just two. Kate Hudson describes her brand by stating, ”It’s casual, chic, and affordable and there’s something for every body type.”

Also, never forget the convenience and low pricing of

If you like to take your items into the fitting room for a test run before you purchase them, there are plenty of brick and mortar shops that also offer a great deal. Even chain stores are starting to carry fun, fashion-forward workout threads. The Old Navy activewear section is full of strappy sports bras, patterned leggings, and cute graphic tees that won’t drain your wallet at the register.

To avoid paying steep prices at the register, you can always make a shopping trip to one of the outlet malls located in San Diego. There are a few outlet centers to choose from that have stores with discounted exercise clothes. Adidas, Asics, Nike, Puma, Reebok, Under Armour, and more can be found at the Premium Outlets in Carlsbad. Adidas, New Balance, Nike, Old Navy, Reebok, and more are located at the Las Americas Premium Outlets in San Ysidro. Outlets are a great way skip the higher price points of name brands while maintaining the quality that is often lacking with inexpensive clothes.

Affordable workout clothes keep your wallet happy and give you a good reason to get out and exercise. We hope you find something you like at one of these suggested spots.

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