Cheap activities in San Diego are yours for the taking

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San Diego has so much.  But you must reach out and grab it! For the most part, the freebies are plentiful.

You can fish in the bay, in the surf, or from many piers for free (after you buy the tackle and bait.)  They still let you enjoy the sunshine for free, so do it on a sunny day.

Balboa Park Walkway

Balboa Park Walkway

Take in the San Diego Zoo.  Unlike many of the Parks in Southern California, the Zoo is a real bargin.  $37.00 for one adult and $27.00 for junior.  That gets you about 8 hours of great fun.  You’ll have unlimited use of the tram, the buses, and the animals are ready to greet you for that one low price.  Parking is still free.  Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy Balboa Park (the Zoo is in the midst of the park).

Just around the corner from the Zoo, you can find a great auto museum.  The J.A. Cooley Museum is at 4233 Park Blvd.  The phone number there is  (619) 295-1611.  You’ll find 15 cars on display ranging in time from 1886 to 1933.  They have many antiques and collections of model trains, toys, clocks, license plates.  All this may be had for a mere $2.00.  Enjoy it’s yours for the taking.

Blacks Beach (Photo from sdpitbull via Flickr)

Blacks Beach (Photo from sdpitbull via Flickr)

Beaches are abundant in San Diego (as are mountains and deserts) and if you hurry you can enjoy them while they’re free.  You may need to take your porta-potty if you want to stay long.

You may go from Blacks Beach to Ocean Beach in the heart of San Diego.  Blacks will give rise to a myriad of flying people.  Really!  The Torrey Pines International Gliderport is 300 feet above the sands of the beach, just watch that the cliffs don’t fall directly on you while you and your honey stroll the tide pools.

After your picnic lunch has worked its way off, you can find good food on the cheap.  In Cahoots is a Mission Valley spot where, starting at 5:00 p.m. they offer free dance lessons.  I’m talkin’ western wear.  Put your boots on and try a little line dancing.  They’re at 5373 Mission Center Rd.  Be ready for fun if you go.  They’ve got food and drink on the cheap and while twirling those skirts you’ll think you’re in heaven.

As for me,  I’m a baseball fan.  I’m not too fanatical.  I don’t remember all those stats that are required to be a real fanatic.  I like to leave in the 7th inning regardless of the score at that time.  I’ve been a season ticket holder in the past.  This year the Padres are offering a great deal… 10 reserved tickets (for 10 games of coarse) for as little as $170.00.  These are mostly Saturday night games, which are the best giveaway days at the park.  I’m planning on doing all 10 games.  I’ll try to figure out the cheapest way to get to Petco and the best places to eat before the games.  I’m looking forward to a season that begins as well as last season ended.  Maybe I’ll tell you about my adventures in the San Diego Entertainer as they happen.

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