Blackberry Playbook Sure to Come

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Blackberry is set to release its brand new tablet device, reportedly named the Playbook, to compete with the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

There has been a lot of speculation that Research In Motion (RIM) would unveil its new BlackPad today at Blackberry’s Developer Conference, however word has just got out that this sadly is not going to happen.  The conference will instead be used to introduce Blackberry’s newest operating system.

Though not being released today, the Blackberry is planning to debut the BlackPad soon.  Losing its grasp on the mobile phone market to the hugely successful iPhone and Google’s fast growing Android, Blackberry is hoping this new operating system and the Playbook will generate revenue and keep them in the conversation of elite handheld devices.

With no official announcement on the specs of the new product, we do have a preliminary idea of what the product will feature.  It is reported to be a seven-inch touch-screen tablet, with a camera on both the front and back.  It is uncertain whether or not the device will have 3G capabilities, but will most definitely have WIFI and be able to connect to your Blackberry smart phone.

There have been different reports in terms of what operating system the Playbook will run.  Some have written that the Playbook will not run a Blackberry operating system, but one built by QNX Software Systems, while others speculate that the new operating system released by Blackberry at today’s developer conference.

It is only a matter of time before Blackberry debuts this tablet and the Playbook hits the marketplace, but until then we can only continue to speculate whether it will give the  iPad any real competition.

Photo courtesy of Sean Toyer via Flickr

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