Best Gadgets for Back to School

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It can be tough leaving the sunshine and sandy San Diego beaches for a classroom when school starts back up again. Going back to school shouldn’t be something you dread, especially if you are prepared and have the right gadgets to make the school year that much easier. Here are some of the best tools to go back to school with, so summer ending won’t seem so bad.

Casio Prizm Color Graphing Calculator

This device is perfect for students or teachers, and has options that allow you to use vibrant color. This calculator is no ordinary gadget with its easy menu access, and is easy for anyone to use. If you want to leave behind your usual graphing calculator and try something new, then try a calculator with an icon-based menu that will make learning that much easier and fun.

Canon Wireless Home Inkjet AIO Printer

This printer has a 3-inch touch screen that is in color, and has detail along with sharp features programmed into it. You can print, copy, or scan from your laptop or tablet directly. This is the easiest way to print notes or study guides for your up coming tests, or allows you to print colorful graphs for presentations. This printer will ensure that you are always prepared and organized.

Lap Gear MyDesk Lap Desk

If you need to do homework at a park, beach, or your favorite nature spot, or on the couch or bed, then this is a must-have. This portable desk fits your laptop and has a flat surface so that you can do your work from anywhere. There are two built in trays for storage that can hold your phone or anything else that will fit. This gadget will allow you to do your work with a view, while being efficient at the same time.

Rocketbook Wave

This is the absolute best way to take notes and stay organized during the school year. This highly intelligent device allows you to take notes, and then uploads them to the cloud so that you can access them later. The Rocketbook Wave looks like a normal notebook, but is absolutely extraordinary. There are 80 pages, and once they are filled up, you can erase them by putting it in the microwave, that’s right.  It will erase all your notes, while keeping the information in the cloud, and you can start over. This saves paper, and allows you to use the same notebook over and over again without spending money on new ones constantly. You will never lose your notes or ideas again with this handy gadget.

Human Charger

If coffee just isn’t doing the trick anymore, and you are exhausted in all your classes, the HumanCharger just might save your academic career. This device allows you to listen to earbuds that send special lights to your brain for 12 minutes, allowing you to be reenergized, and you will be always ready to learn. This charger will help you stay active in the classroom, and always alert, while making you feel as if you’ve already had your cup of coffee for the day.

The website says this about the device (we’ve not tested it, so try for yourself): “Invented in Finland, HumanCharger® is a bright light therapy device that has a unique and patented mechanism of action which stimulates the photosensitive proteins on the surface of the brain using a calibrated white light that passes through the ear canals. Using the HumanCharger® for only 12 minutes a day can significantly increase your energy levels, improve mood and increase your mental alertness.

Go back to school ready to learn, with the best gadgets that will make your classmates and teachers jealous.

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