Best at home exercise equipment: Here are the basics

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A  lot of us have a hard time finding the time to make it to the gym with our busy day to day schedules, so starting a collection of at home exercise equipment could be your solution. You only need a handful of items to get your at home gym started.

It’s a new year , so don’t let time stop you from achieving your fitness goals for 2017. Below are some basics that will assist you in being able to work out in the comfort of your own home.

Medicine Ball

A medicine ball is the ultimate piece to add to your collection, it can be used for your entire body and be incorporated into all of your at home workouts. You can find these online or at any local Target or Walmart from anywhere of $10.99-$59.00. It is good to start with a 8lb or 10lb medicine ball so that you can work your arms or abs with a comfortable amount of weight.

Small Hand Weights

Investing in some small hand weights is definitely beneficial to your at home exercise collection. It allows you to combine at home circuit training with the option of including some weights. The weight can be chosen by whatever you are comfortable with, the smaller the weight the more reps to be done…. or if you opt for a heavier weight you can do less reps. The choice is up to you but small hand weights are great because they not only help with your at-home fitness routine, but are small so won’t take up a lot of room.

Anti-Slip Bounce Medicine Ball

These are amazing to have in your workout routine. They are good for stretching, cardio, and great for ab exercises. A lot of people are also opting to take these little bad boys to work and sit on vs. their regular old chair. This is probably the best item to add to your collection as it can be used in hundreds of different workouts.


A jumprope is probably the best way to get in a quick cardio workout at home, it is fast and easy. It burns calories and can be used in your circuit training in all of your workouts. If you don’t have one already, we highly suggest getting one.

These suggestions will surely make your at home workouts more effective and fun.

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