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With the immense amount of incredible literature out there, it is sometimes dizzying trying to find a book to read. Reading shouldn’t be a chore, but rather a medium in which you can get lost in, and forget about everything else going on. For the lover of thriller novels, you can’t go wrong with one written by the incredible Brad Thor.

Brad ThorBorn and raised in Chicago, Brad Thor studied creative writing at the University of Southern California. There, he developed a love for writing, eventually becoming a novelist that can credit 16 books to his name. His novels have found worldwide success, with them being published in places like Romania, Serbia, India, and many other countries. Thor’s novels are best described as falling under the political thriller genre, and have made the New York Times Bestseller’s list many times.

His novels focus around the character of Scott Harvath, a former Navy Seal and government operative. Each book is a singular story with Scott Harvath as the main character. While it is recommended you read the books in order, it is not required. The books are jam packed with high-energy action, political intrigue, shadowy government organizations, and mystery that is sure to pull you in within the first 20 pages.

Brad Thor has been praised by military personnel for his accurate and true to form descriptions. He is famous for conducting rigorous research for each of his novels, in order to maintain the utmost level of realism and respect for the military which his books portray. In an interview, he has stated that while conducting research for his novel, The Apostle, he gained secret clearance to shadow a Black ops military team in Afghanistan. Thor is a frequent guest on news networks regarding topics on the military, and is a member of several defense organizations in the US that deal with maintaining the safety of the country. He has also done public speaking on the reality of the events depicted in his novels coming to life, and the measures being taken to prevent things like that ever happening.

His first novel, The Lions of Lucerne, introduces you to the Scott Harvath for the first time. It starts off with Harvath on duty as a Secret Service agent pledged to protect the president while in the snowy mountains of Utah. After a deadly terror it attack leaves all but him dead, he must do everything in his power to keep the president alive while a shadowy terrorist organization pursues him. Without giving too much away, this novel is truly a high-caliber action novel that will get your heart racing just as if you were watching a movie.

Speaking of films, Warner Bros has purchased the rights to all of Brad Thor’s Scott Harvath books, with the intention of producing action-thriller movie franchises for the studio sometime in the future. But until then, you have plenty of material to get through. Brad Thor’s novels can be purchased at most major bookstores, including Barnes N Noble. They can also be purchased on Amazon as a physical book or an e-book that can be read on your supported device. We suggest starting with his first book The Lions of Lucerne .

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