American Idol – Simon Cowell seals the deal with Mezghan Hussainy

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Simon Cowell may be the no non sense judge we love to hate on American Idol but it seems that he has finally found his other half. Reports have been stirring over the last few weeks that Cowell, and chief Idol make up artist Mezghan Hussainy are much more than friends.

People were amazed when the tough judge came to his 50th birthday party with Mezghan as his date. Now, on the last Idol Cowell admitted that he was waving to his girlfriend when teased by Ryan Seacrest.

Despite conflicting rumors, the breaking news comes just this morning as Mezghan Hussainy has confirmed that she is in fact engaged to American Idol Judge, Simon Cowell.

Celebrity Jeweler and CEO of David Mamane “he sure did well! The brilliant cut diamond engagement ring is approximately six carats and an estimated $750,000. You can see that the clarity and color is nothing less than perfect!”

Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo

The ring certainly shines, as does 36 year old Mezghan who is originally from Afganistan. Mezghan has worked herself up in the ranks, starting at a make up counter in Los Angeles. She proceeded to act in a few small roles on soap operas and even tried her hand at modeling before settling down as a make up artist. Her salesman ship and chutzpah have launched her career and despite little professional education, she’s becoming a renowned make up artist for reality TV shows.

The sexy make up artist works on American Idol and several other TV shows.

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