Amazon is bringing us amazing Black Friday deals

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Many people will lace up their best shopping gear and hit the stores bright an early on Black Friday. They come prepared with lists, budgets and are willing for fight for any item they have their sights set on. For the rest of us who aren’t so ambitious, all we can really say is, thank goodness for Amazon.

I don’t know about you, but my black Friday will consist mostly of eating leftover turkey and couch shopping on the computer. If you are like me, you try to avoid the thousands of vicious people that come out on black Friday.

Amazon is featuring a Black Friday Deals Week, where black Friday deals can be seen all week long. They update their deals every five minutes leaving us with amazing shopping finds right from the safety of our own homes.


Kindle E-Reader – Usually pricing in at around $80, Amazon is slashing off 30% so you can by the new Kindle E-reader at $49.99. The new lighter and thinner design will sell you on this amazing deal.


Berta Mini Hair Dryer – Although not completely necessary, what girl doesn’t want a lighter weight, mini hair dryer? This ceramic dryer is perfect for traveling or for storing in small bathrooms. This hairdryer is usually $50, but with amazon’s deals, you can have it for a mere $13.99. Now that’s a deal.


Roku Streaming Stick – Roku’s are amazing and they have so many streaming options available. For those who don’t want to spend big on an Apple TV, this is the next best thing. Now, just $34.99, you will be able to binge watch movies all weekend long.cooler

Coolest Cooler – This is the coolest cooler! Literally. This magical cooler has an ice crushing blender, Bluetooth speakers, waterproof USB charger, an LED light, a bottle opener, plates, knives, and a cutting board. Use it at the beach, camping, or what the heck, replace your entire kitchen with this thing. The normal selling price comes in at a whopping $449, but is now only $199. Better hurry, these coolers are going fast.


Magazines – If you are anything like me, you avoid buying magazines because they tend to be pretty pricey in the store. Worry no more, because Amazon is bringing us the gift of $5 magazine subscriptions. Whether you get 10 or 50 issues, it is all $5. Check out their home, beauty, sports and food magazines.

Whether you are shopping for food, makeup, tools, or books, it is almost guaranteed that Amazon has it. Check out their amazing black Friday deals and shop until your heart’s content.

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