Four popular holiday getaway spots outside of beautiful San Diego

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San Diego is the top tourist city in the United States, which goes without saying. It’s also breaks the top 10 list of most populated cities in the U.S., too.

Although San Diego has some of the best views, many native San Diegans flock to the outskirts or other areas of California in need of a little hideaway vacation from the bustling freeways and highways that criss-cross the city proper.

Here are some great places to escape to during the holidays. It should be noted that all travel times -which are approximations- are reflected by living within 15 minutes of downtown San Diego.

The Parker Palm Springs 

Where: 4200 E Canyon Dr Palm Springs, CA

Travel time: 2 hours 15 minutes

Price: $159/night and up.

What: With a desert backdrop, 2-3 mile drive from the airport, 13 acres of exotic foliage and luxurious decor, you certainly get what you pay for at The Parker Palm Springs. Best of all, Palm Spring is somewhat isolated from the city life, so the fleeting solace of peace and solitude will surely be found, here.


Wilson Creek Winery & Vineyards in Temecula Valley

Where: 35960 Rancho California Road

Travel time: 1 hour

Price: $20 on weekends and $31.05 per person for Sunday brunch

What: The kids are clamoring for their bedtime stories, food, entertainment and gifts; but all you want to do is escape from all of the conflicting noises and responsibilities—for a weekend. That’s where the Wilson Creek Winery & Vineyards offers the perfect getaway for couples and parents alike. The romantic estate is family-run, which lends to the originality and genuine feel of the place, too. So make it your prerogative to make the drive to this gem in Temecula for a brunch or affordable wine tasting.


Hotel Maya in Long Beach

Where: 700 Queensway Drive

Travel time: 2 hours

Price: Rates start at $159 per night

What: From a decor that draws on inspiration from the Mayan pyramids, the Hotel Maya allows its guests to take advantage of proximity to nearby malls, which allows for a great escape during the holidays to indulge in a shopping spree. But perhaps the most unique feature of the hotel chain is the availability of queen and king sized beds, which allow for the ultimate comfort experience during your vacation.


Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach

Where: 1221 N. Valley Drive

Travel time: 2 hours

Price: Rates start at $339 per night

What: If you’re looking for a futuristic experience, the Shade Hotel can be the right one for you. From yoga sessions, outfitted spa and mood lighting for your room, you’re getting the ‘bang for your buck.’ And the best part: you’re right next to the beach.



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