Apple’s iPhone 5 Delayed Until September

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Normally, come June, Apple is prepping to release their newest model of their signature iPhone. Ever since its release in 2007, the iPhone has consistently been revamping their model.

However, with the release of the iPhone 4 with Verizon, their next generation release date has been pushed back to September, according to USA Today. Sources claim that production of the next generation iPhone will begin in July of this year and ready to ship out in September.

The new iPhone will look and feel like the current iPhone 4, but will have a faster processor and perhaps a few minor upgrades as Apple is still deciding what materials it should use for the back of the device, per CNET.

CNET also reports that Apple is thinking of replacing the hardened glass back with a  metal backing instead.  Apple may be changing the size and dimensions of the iPhone, perhaps expanding the 3.5 inch screen to a larger 4 inch “edge to edge” screen.

The processor is said to include Apple’s A5 processor that the iPad 2 uses and a very improved 8 megapixel camera may show up on the newest iPhone.

Much debate has ensued over whether the iPhone 5 will have a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip. The NFC chip would allow anyone to turn their phone into a wallet that can be used to pay for dining in restaurants, clothing stores, or the subway by simply waving the phone in front of a NFC receiver.

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2011 will still be taking place this June, where Apple may preview new versions of its operating system Mac OS X and mobile operating iOS. The newest Mac OS X will be the Lion from the current Leopard system. The iOS will upgrade to iOS 5, which is rumored to include cloud-based features, free Mobile Me email and a improved graphics engine. It is likely that Apple will at give more details about its release of the iPhone 5 at this conference.

Whether the iPhone 5 will be released this summer or fall, Apple will continue selling the iPhone 4, of which, the white version may be released in 2-3 weeks.

What do you all think of the supposed iPhone 5? Will you be waiting for its release?

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