9 Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking More Water

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Water is the elixir of life and is the single most important natural resource on Earth. It is necessary for life to flourish and prosper, and all living things need it. Our very own bodies are made of ⅔ water, and it influences practically every single process inside of us, so you’d think that people would drink as much of the stuff as they can. However, with an endless variety of sugary beverages, water is often not seen as the first choice for many people. But we should be properly hydrating ourselves every day for the following reasons:

Energy Boost

While we usually turn to heavily caffeinated beverages to get our midday boost, water is also a great option to give your brain a little pick me up. Our brain is made up of 73% water, so gulping a glass down can help you think, focus, concentrate, and stay alert.

Flush Out Toxins

Drinking water throughout your day can help your body flush out any toxins through sweat and urination. This is especially useful when nursing a terrible hangover. You feel that way because large amounts of alcohol quickly dehydrate you, leaving behind toxic remnants. By drinking more water, your body can flush out these toxins, leaving you hydrated and feeling better.

Immune System Boost

Put down the countless “vitamins” you just bought, and pick up a glass of water instead. Water is one of the easiest ways for you to maintain a healthy immune system, especially during cold and flu season. Water is crucial in helping to carry oxygen to your body’s cells, helping to fight infections and nasty viruses.

Promote Weight Loss

Water can be a serious tool in helping remove fatty by-products in your system. It also can help you feel much more full, making it a natural diet suppressant that can keep your metabolism in check. Try drinking a few glasses before a meal so you don’t go crazy on the complimentary chips and salsa before your actual dinner arrives.

Improve Your Complexion

We may not think of it as such, but our skin is our largest organ, and when we get dehydrated, it can become dry, tight, flaky, and more prone to wrinkling. Keeping hydrated will help your skin stay soft, moisturized, and can even help reverse wrinkles.

Healthy Heart

Our hearts rely upon water in order to maintain a proper balance in the viscosity of our blood and plasma. Keeping a healthy heart now will pay off later on in life when it is more common to see problems arise, and drinking enough water is an easy investment to make!

Regulates Body Temperature

With the heat waves we’ve been experiencing lately, it may seem impossible to properly cool down no matter how hard you try. However, drinking cold water can do wonders in cooling your overall internal temperature, making it much easier to stand the heat.

Help Alleviate Back Pain

The back of your body rests on your spinal cord, which is made from a high concentration of water. Dehydration can result in extremely irritating back pain, so prevent that by staying hydrated.

Maintain Healthy Joints

Regular water consumption works wonders by lubricating the many joints in your body that are under constant friction from day-to-day use. Water consumption can even help decrease the effects of chronic joint problems like rheumatoid arthritis.

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