5 Ways To Snag A Boyfriend

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They say that to be successful, you have to give in order to get, well that stands true for relationships as well. When it comes to dating, a lot of women tend to seek advice from their girlfriends…who just so happen to be single also. Well I have one thing to say about that…STOP!I love my girlfriends, you love your girlfriends, but there are times that we must go with our gut, and dating is one of them. Check out the top 5 things women are usually told not to do when dating, but in fact should.

#1 Approach a Man: You have feet, and you have a voice. Why can you walk into a conference meeting full of men, with confidence, but you can’t approach one? If you seek success then you must know that you won’t find it unless you get it yourself. So in other words, walk up to that attractive man at the bar or in the grocery store and start talking about how you love to cook salmon or grab a drink there after work.

#2 Call First: I know, I know this one can be a toughie, but if you don’t know by now, most men are not great communicators. They live by the 5 W’s: who, what, when, where and even sometimes why…if they care enough. In fact, with the current advancement of technology, if it were up to them, they’d probably ask you out through at text or even Voxer. Stop allowing the silence of your phone distract you from accomplishing important tasks and just call him already. FYI, you don’t have to ask him out, just talk.

#3 Ask Him Out: Okay, so I know I just said you don’t have to ask a man out, but I was referring to when you call him. When it comes to dating, you don’t’ want to put all of your eggs into one basket. Meaning that if you call a guy first, don’t call to ask him out, just call to say a flirtatious “hello”. But if you need a date to the company party, or feel like bike riding at the beach on Saturday, then why not be accompanied by the man you’re interested in?

#4 Help Pay: I remember the absurd amount of jitters I had before the first date with my ex-boyfriend. I didn’t have them because I lack in conversational skills, but because I am so stubborn that I didn’t want him fighting me on paying for part of the dinner. A lot of women feel that a man should court them for a month’s period of time i.e. pay for everything, but for men, it’s the little things that count. In other words, he’s not going to make you his girlfriend if he sees that you’re not helping chip in. If you aren’t doing it now, why would things change after you two become official? Either you’re going to enjoy a few free meals and end up sitting on your couch alone eating ice cream, or you will realize that a relationship AND dating is 50/50. Besides, what’s wrong with showing a man that you can hold your own?

#5 Have Sex: You ever hear the story of the woman that had a 3-month rule? She wouldn’t sleep with her boyfriend until they dated that long. To make a long story short, she finally slept with him and then he dumped her one week later. If you haven’t heard that story yet, stay tuned because you’ll be able to tell it. I am not condoning one night stands, that’s not dating anyways, but I am condoning that you toss the rules out the window and express your emotions at all times. Because just as easy as it was for that guy to dump you after four weeks of dating and great sex, it’s just as easy for him to do it after four months.

The next time you’re having lunch with your girlfriends, gossip about how you asked that CEO out while you were having a drink at the bar. And remember to mention how excited he was because he had wanted to ask you out but thought your costume jewelry was a wedding ring.

-Porsche Simpson

Single Girl in San Diego

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