5 Mind-Blowing Facts About Space

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If you haven’t heard, space is weird. Like, really weird. When you look up at the stars, there can be a lot to wonder about. The sheer vastness of space holds endless mysteries, but when it comes to the stuff we do know, it can be absolutely mind-blowing. So let us make a recommendation: read these jaw-dropping facts about space, then go outside and take a look at the sky and let your imagination wander.

Space is Completely Silent

If you were able to drift around in space, you wouldn’t be hearing much. Sound waves are unable to travel through space, making space a pretty eerie place. Thankfully, astronauts are capable of communicating with each other while in space by utilizing radio waves, which travel through space without issue.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Space is Incomprehensibly Big

Scientists estimate that the universe is approximately 93 billion light years in diameter. To make this even crazier, this only comprises the observable universe. Scientists believe we may never be able to discern just how big the universe is, as it is continuously expanding, thanks to the mysterious and undetectable dark energy that is said to take up 67 % of the universe.

Photo by Brett Ritchie on Unsplash

The Sun Emits Tons of Energy

While solar technology is more widely used as a solid source of renewable energy, the amount we are able to capture and utilize is nothing compared to just how much energy the sun hits Earth with every hour. In fact, if we could store this energy with 100 % efficiency, we would be able to power the entire Earth for a year.

Space Trash Has Become a Real Problem

Thanks to countless satellite launches, rocket parts, and other objects being blasted up into space, it has become quite the junkyard. Not only is there a ton of trash up there, but these pieces of space junk are also orbiting Earth at about 17,500 mph, or 10 times as fast as a speeding bullet. A collision of any of these objects at such speeds makes them extremely dangerous for astronauts up traveling up to space. As of March 2018, the United States is responsible for the most space junk, with an estimated 3,990 pieces of debris.

Don’t Take Off Your Helmet

Ever wonder what would happen if an astronaut took their helmet off while in space? The short answer: nothing good. Because there’s no pressure in space, air expands. This means air in your lungs would rapidly expand, tearing through the tissue. In about 15 seconds, your body would use all available oxygen in your blood, resulting in quick asphyxiation. Not to mention some more gruesome details, like boiling blood, exploding capillaries, and loss of bowel control. A word of advice? Keep your helmet on.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

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